New Video: Janelle Monae “Electric Lady”

electric lady video

Get On Down.

Janelle knows how to throw a party. And over the groove of her album’s title track, she parties the night away with folks including T.I., Monica, Estelle, Esperanza Spalding and more. No invite?

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    and this album received NO grammy nods. smh

  • Free Agentz

    video is crazy, the song is dope too

  • cA

    Very good song and video.

  • Da Business

    She such a dope artist who doesn’t get enough love. She’s like Lauren & Erykah mixed together.

  • ilexx

    This just got the video treatment? Damn.

    She is so dope but the label seems to not wanna put the bank behind her. If she came out early 90’s or 80’s she would be a mega star. Sometimes ppl wanna move like that means her music is outdated but its not, the label is responsible for blowing u up like that and they ain’t marketing this girl right at all.

    Being overlooked at the Grammy’s doesn’t help either, dat was foul actually.

    • MassConglom

      Actually she IS the label, that’s right my dude… she’s a independent. Look up “Wondaland Art Society”(the name of her indie label).

      • Janelle Monae is on Atlantic Records

      • ilexx

        I thought she was on Atlantic as well. Either way I am sure Wondaland Art Society is partnered with Atlantic and she probably has creative control. I’ve heard she is the driving force behind her image and videos and all that.

        Anyway whateva, she is dope, different and fine as fuck. They need to push her, when I see how she is having fun and looking good in this video u can tell she ready for tv/movies and all that.

  • reggin

    that samsung check doe !!!

  • William James

    Not enough shine. Or is that best so she doesnt get industry-tized

    • TeF

      This chick has like a Covergirl, Samsung, and Bose endorsement deal, I think she’s already industry. She just has a specific brand and they seem to be giving her room to get her artistic side off, that’s dope. She’s too talented for labels to try to box her in, she can go anywhere, and they know that.

  • Dope Album

  • The Incredible Creation

    love this woman smh …she really the female version of 3 stacks…