• Knice


  • joey

    only click because that ass was phat on the main page

    • Brian B.Dotâ„¢ Miller

      sex sells

    • Judge Joe Dredd

      Simpin ass nukka…. I pressed play cause it said Tha Eastsidaz…..

  • Judge Dredd

    This right here, is a dope video.


    This was dope as hell! Glad to see Snoop & Tray Dee squashed their lil beef from a few years back!

  • wess wess


  • yesken

    always great to see these dudes in action. Thats my work 4 brings me back to the good old days

  • “Eastsidaz Booking”

    Eastsidaz Booking info Please Contact “Jazzy” [email protected] serious business only!

  • T Macc Dave LBC

    This is that real west coast shit and not that 2014 non authentic BS “YG” “Joe Moses” boo boo that 80% of the new west coast rappers are bringing.. The Eastsidaz true definition of THUGZ That just so happen to entertain And NOT entertainers turning THUGZ lol East Side LBC Up Big Tray Deee & Goldie Loc

  • The Incredible Creation

    The grandfathers of hip-hop, its interesting to see Tray Dee (gray hairs n all) still doing it… but of course they won’t get too much respect from most of the “younger generation” http://toomanyfuckinrappers.tumblr.com/