• Ritz4Pres

    Ritz is my new favorite rapper!!! Last year at a show in Arizona with Tech 9, Jesse Heavyweight, and Krizz Kaliko.He did a backflip off stage. His rhymes are flawless and his performance is 1 of a kind.

  • Truth

    SO DOPE .. Yelawolf & the Slumerican crew are on their own Planet

  • thosebullets

    cover similar to trunk muzik 0 -60

  • Zen Abdul-Rafi


  • IKEEPIT100

    First time in a while i was dissapointed with yelas verse..they shouldve had a better beat..will power did not do this justice..which is surprising..

  • Bruh Bruh

    everyone sounds cool but Rittz killed this…

  • Viva La Raza

    Rittz, an album im excited to purchase. Better than most artists…

  • Johnny Caruso

    His new song Bounce he made with twista is fuckn fire ! Dude cold for real.I wonder if Boosie will reach out to him and do a song with him.2 of my favorite. # $outh $ide