New Video: Waka Flocka “Real Quick”

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Pour Up Real Quick.

Real quick: I Can’t Rap Vol. 1 is available here. And in support of the mixtape, Flockaveli mobs through the streets with the whole neighborhood for his Drake take. Pass the Henney.

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  • The Incredible Creation

    interesting, his lyrical content and flow is definitely improving.. this was definitely impressive considering his previous work.. and I’ve been fuckin wit Flocka from the jump…

    • el jim chapo guzman

      Flocka needs Gucci mane.

      • The Incredible Creation

        think so? lol he’s become a much bigger star without that guy… gettin that EDM money now.. its over for Guwop…


          How is it over for Guwop? he’s dropping new music left and right and has an ear for talent such as Migos,Pee Wee Longway , Young Thug ,Young Scooter , Which all have had bigger buzz then waka.

          • The Incredible Creation

            i mean, how is it not over for him? & if it isn’t it seems to be going downhill… there’s a ton of rappers dropping music left and right.. but that doesn’t mean its GOOD or that anyone is checking for it… Quality > Quantity | Gucci has a core fanbase, yes.. but “trap music” as a whole is on a decline, its not making any real money on a mainstream level & those names u mentioned, who’s really checking for those guys? Thugger has a decent buzz but wtf is he saying in his “songs”? how long will that last? do u truly believe he’ll be around in 4-5 years? Scooter, Migos, “Pee Wee” ? That isn’t “talent”, sorry but that’s just my opinion.. I don’t see folks really “checking” for them… I don’t see any longevity but hey, maybe i’m wrong we’ll see.. I’m just over all the “trapper turned rapper” , brick flip , call the plug shit -_- zZzZzZz boring..