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    • Get Moneynigga

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    • areal1

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  • Get Moneynigga

    Life After Death went diamond now All Eyez On Me is certified diamond.2 classic double disc albums that impacted the world in a major way.God bless these 2 rap legends #2pac #BIG

  • Get Moneynigga

    All Eyez On Me is my 2nd favorite Pac album.1st is Makaveli:The Don Killuminati.Without a doubt his deepest and best album that he recorded.All Eyez On Me was a classic no doubt.Every song was on point.I mean “Ambitionz Az A Rida” “Picture Me Rollin” “Only God Can Judge Me” “2 Of A Amerikaz Most” “Life Goes On” “I Ain’t Mad At Cha” all classics. His music still relevant to this day,a great legend and ghetto poet with the gift to speak and inspire.Even youngn’s who wasn’t even born when this album came out be listening to this album.R.I.P. Tupac Shakur

    • polopolo1

      R U Still down? was the best, when i get free? Hellraiser is the best song pac ever made, real tear jerker.

  • Michael Ibbett

    So, since its a double album over 100 minutes they count each disc…it really only sold 5 million? You would think it would be more than 5 million

    • Int’l J

      Yes, they count each disc so em and hammer are the only ones. I’m not sure why rr says pac has two because he only has one that’s certified, his greatest hits cd went 10 times platinum but only sold 5 million. That’s per soundscan. It’s all very confusing.

      • Michael Ibbett

        I looked it up…RIAA certifies every disc sold..so selling 10 million discs to 5 million people is certified diamond….. so the backlash on Jay z for the Samsung thing was kind of hypocritical, if outkast biggie and Pac are diamond..then his platinum status before magna Carta dropped was definitely warranted….but to be fair I do always remember all eyez on me and life after death being more expensive than a standard CD.

        • b r z a


        • areal1

          Yup u right its justified cuz back then u had 2 pay for the 2 cds all eyez on me was like 25 dollars

        • Public Hairs

          Only problem with the Jay-Z/Samsung deal is that a company had to BUY 1 million albums of MCHG and give them away for free. So yea, Jay made money, but in terms of having the buzz to move a million in a day/week on his own terms wasn’t real. Guys like Em and 50 were able to move a milli in a week off pure buzz, not some buy out plan.

        • Int’l J

          IThe Jay z thing is kind of crazy, because that’s not selling records, that’s guaranteeing success. We all know how popular chief keef was v at one point butppl would be in an uproar if Samsung would buy 3 million copies and then keef would be three times Platinum and 3 million ppl would be stuck with a wack album, lol. That’s my problem with it, soundscans problem was the fact that they had no system of certifying digital downloads.

  • Yamzz

    Ppl call him the greatest bc he was truly the greatest person that rapped as a living…knowing him through his interviews just made his music THAT much better!!! Happy this went diamond and truly wished everyone could understand him

  • el jim chapo guzman

    i wonder if pac and big was still alive would rappers like jay z and nas be on the level they on now?

    • Yamzz

      I think they would be! You got to think Nas was already considered greatness at that time if anything he went downward brand wise…and Jay you just can’t take away his business mentality…but to be honest I don’t even think Pac would be rapping as long as people think he would be doing movies and all types of legendary shit and would be mentioned with the great blacks of the world instead of just a rapper

      • el jim chapo guzman


  • Da Business

    This doesn’t make sense. I have to do some research, I’m almost curtain that it went diamond b4 the turn of the century. Anyway, my favorite PAC record.


    • cmonhomiewemajor

      because its a double album, billboard counts 1 sale as 2 sales, but RIAA counts 1 sale as 1 sale

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    All that is good but the truly Greatest Of All Time is Curtis 50 Cent Jackson. Y’all gotta give credit where credit is due.

    If y’all don’t agree… Well u know what to do… Check a d

    • Elproblemo Djblast

      lol u must be a troll nice try lol

    • Johnny Caruso

      50 cent was nice but kind of sound like a retard too.Boosie/ 50 collabo comming soon might be a nice hit.Pac ain’t never sound slow though.#smoothoperator

  • Hussle

    The real G.O.A.T

  • Jet Lifer

    Classic, 2pac still the best. I had this shit on vinyl and i still listen it…

    • Johnny Caruso

      That’s rite

  • poetmm .

    I doubt he just went diamond in the US after 18 years but anyways Classic Album

  • Matthew Morgan

    Noo dumb fucks its a double album you can’t just buy disc one or disc 2 of either album smh…retards I could tell yall young as fuck

    • Michael Ibbett

      Lol what? Who on here said you could buy just one of the discs? Nowhere, does anyone say that.

  • Matthew Morgan

    Remember when big n pac drop life after death and all eyes on me you couldn’t just buy one disc…smh the whole album is certified diamond in america

  • cA


  • boone

    i remember i payed $24.99 with tax for this album.

  • Johnny Caruso

    Man I wish pac were still alive so Boosie and Pac could do a song together.if youl want to be in da corner with the realest rap nigguz.Go cop Boosie Baddazz album TD2CH Sep 23rd..it’s the closest the most illest, most realest thing you gonna ever get to Pac.

  • Proffett