Rihanna Joins Eminem At Lollapalooza

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Double-Headed Monster

Em and Ri’s Monster tour doesn’t kick off until next Thursday, but this evening, they gave folks at the Lollapalooza festival in Chicago a taste of what’s to come. During his set, he¬†brought out Robz for a performance of “The Monster”,¬†“Love The Way You Lie” and “Stan”. Royce also joins him for “Fast Lane”.


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  • Lozada

    Eminem GOAT

    • Pat Howard

      I see you my nigga

  • Dan Karlin

    I was just there for this.There were a number of boos that came from the general section I was standing in as Rihanna came on stage. She did her thing, for what it’s worth. And she was gone after 10 minutes.

    Also, no mention that Royce showed up for “Fast Lane”? That happened, too.

    It was a really goddamn good show. He opened with “Bad Guy” which wasn’t expected, his performance of “Mosh” caused fistfights, and the divide in age group showed itself when Em starting performing “Still Don’t Give a Fuck” and nobody under the age of 22 knew any of the words.

    • Based Guy

      im hoping he opens up with bad guy at his monster show next thursday . did he perform the whole song?

      • Dan Karlin

        The show opened up with a fake “news story” video with the whole Stan-Matthew sage. Em came out at the end and performed that last part of “Bad Guy” after that.

        • MrSkeezyMak

          That sounds dope as fuck, hope he does that on the monster tour.

  • Int’l J

    I never got how cats say that em is the “goat” he’s definitely a really good rapper but he transformed into this anthem rapper. His best work was his first two albums and Stan and brain damage was the best of the those two. He needs to get out of that dark rap he’s been doing more recently and get back to three basics. He had more fun when he was broke, maybe it was the drugs tho

  • .Trillion.

    OMG Rihanna Joins Eminem WOW this is huge

  • el jim chapo guzman

    eminem done but he got that bread tho.

  • The Real Wack-off Peel

    Eminem is the greatest rapper of all time, not because he’s white, not because he drops “anthems”, not because he’s sold millions upon millions, not because he did drugs, but because he can take any and every word in the English language and rhyme them, force them to rhyme, and make those words, his bitches.
    Just take a step back, listen to the words, syllables, flows, starting, stopping, cadence, pitch, vocals, structure, punchlines, meaning, sometimes even the spelling, etc., listen to the rhymes, from those aspects. Nobody else is doing what he does/did. Now a lot of rappers that grew up on him, are beginning to, but nobody else will do what Eminem did. If he was black, purple, orange, red, green, etc., I’d say the same thing.
    When he was on drugs and when he’s sober, he still is the greatest. He should write novels next. Become a Stephen King or something. Write stories. Write movies. Write scripts, just write. Shit, start rhyming in other languages, he could do it.
    I love Hip-Hop/Rap music. God bless the rest of you that do too, and understand what I’m saying. Nothing but love.

    • lame-o

      shuttup faggot

  • MrSkeezyMak

    Goin to the Monster tour at Metlife, gonna be dooooope.

  • GreenBergs

    and everyone went to purchase drinks or use the restrooms ..

  • lame-o

    em be lip syncing and that shit is lame