Def Jam Drops Trinidad James

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Feelin’ Me No Mo. It was all gold just a week ago. Nearly two years after inking a joint venture with Def Jam, Trinidad James revealed on his Twitter handle that he’s been released from the label. It was rumored that he received $2 million thanks to his breakout single, “All Gold Everything”.

“I should tell yall. I got dropped by the Label. My Album is now free. If u hear ur beat or verse on it. I hope u want dap cuz i got no money”

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  • burr_gucci_burr

    Just another 1 hit wonder…..if the 2mill is what he got then i off.

    • Ghost Of Len Bias

      recoupable, they took it back

    • HipHopTV

      his total 4 album deal was for $2million. u don’t get that up front. he had movement on that single so my guess is they hit him with about 400-500k advance. hopefully he saved something and just didnt go all “rapper” with the $

  • lmao

  • its crazy how one song can make u a millionaire

    • bottom side inc

      It also made him a broke nigga

  • Hussle

    Dreams crushed just like that…

  • polopolo1

    lol this is a blatant lesson we all lowkey saw this coming, he didnt need def jam for the “all Gold everything” that shit was already hot i remember when it started circulating, now they milked him for everything they could get and tossed him like a dead squid

    • LuckyP

      what did def jam milk him for? the nigga trinidad WON !!! all gold everything was a FREE TAPE! they put the stamp on it, packaged it up, he got more bread off of it and more exposure. toured the world, saw some things and made some change. his shit was short lived but he achieved more than half these niggas ever will. salute TJ. whether they feeling you or not, you lived and thats what life is all about.

      • REALLY23

        spoken like a person with common sense…

      • The Incredible Creation

        but he’s claiming to be “broke” now… and if he really got a $2 million advance, i hope he didn’t spend too much of that because lets be honest he most likely didn’t make [that much] money and the label gonna want their “loan” back.. smh pray for him..

        • Dope

          I’d bet my life they didn’t give him nothing close to a million, let alone two. In this day and age, there are no sales that could ever bring that money back, him being who he is a one hit fad that everyone knew was not going to make another hit to save his life.

        • LuckyP

          right theres no way he recouped anything because his album never made it to the shelves. i heard the 2mil rumors but never saw anything that proved that to be true. idk fam, i don’t take TJ as a stupid nigga, so lets hope he’s good. I’m thinking he’s saying he’s broke by industry standards, not account(s) at 0.00 or in the negative.

      • Ayo

        Spoken like a nigga who doesn’t know which direction the money flows. 360 deal + he only got 80k up front which is LONG gone = Def Jam got paid off all that tour money & those radio spins & now dude is on Twitter admitting he’s broke…that’s called getting MILKED. Shmurda up next sadly.

        • LuckyP

          FOH the ins and outs of his deal was ALL mere speculations fuckboy for the details NEVER surfaced unlike Keefs contractual obligations, monies received/to be received etc. DJ also put him on a few records that had crazy buzz, and still get spun so them end of the quarter checks are still coming in. if he chooses to continue to make music theres also THOUSANDS more fans looking for him and his music that there was when he was the nigga running around ATL. so like i said, the nigga won unlike your trolling faggot ass who’ll never leave that 3rd bedroom in your aunts flat

          • Get Moneynigga

            GETFOH with this bullshit.nigga what thousands of fans do he have.Muthafucka pleeeeeez!! lol…you a dizzy ass nigga for thinking that bullshit and you got too much time on ur hands to be writing a paragraph full of bullshit

          • LuckyP

            nigga you act as if a nigga having thousands of fans WORLDWIDE is a difficult feat. eat a dick yo dumb ass

          • Guest

            Oh yeah, he won big time. One hit wonder who will never be heard from again. Plus he’s admittedly broke. Sign me up, I wanna win!

          • LuckyP

            if the nigga achieved more than what he set out for thats called a win . y’all troll ass niggas are as dumb as they come

          • Cmon Son

            If you’re congratulating a nigga who crapped out you’re as dumb as they come

        • GreenBergs

          epic dont got bars like that..

        • Vurbz Fenomeno

          Damn bruh….u were there when Trinidad signed the deal?

  • Schooly Scott

    Karma for shitting on New York !

  • The Rock says

    The nigga who signed him should be fired too

    • Black London

      Joie Manda (The guy Dame Dash kept dissing) signed him.

      He left Def Jam some time ago.

      His at Interscope now.

      • The Incredible Creation

        word. he left Def Jam very soon after he signed him too.. lol he knew he fucked up smh

      • The Rock says

        O forreal, Well then Interscope needs to fire that nigga!!!!

    • MrMelB24

      Now youre just being mean. Lol

    • L Officer

      we all saw this coming… Trinidad James take your L

    • GreenBergs

      i guess that maino diss didnt work lmfao…one hit wonder

  • el jim chapo guzman

    Chief keef next.

    • Dan Karlin

      Dear LORD, I hope so. I miss when Chicago was known for creative, smart hip hop instead of this bullshit drill/autism rap.

      • THE guest

        i hear you bro altho herb killed it on commons album

      • el jim chapo guzman

        Lol very true

      • cmonhomiewemajor

        cop the new common and lupe album if you really feel like that

  • The Incredible Creation

    bout damn time lol smh just goes to show that all the “hot-shit” cools down, eventually -_-

  • TheGameTagerZ

    Going to be honest when you write shit like “It’s was all gold just a week ago” not only is that grammatically incorrect because of the way you used “it is” instead of just “it” but your puns are very very corny.

  • Cloud Surfer

    He could probably get another deal somewhere else easily. Cash Out got dropped from Epic and his debut album is coming out later this month on E1.

    • Dope

      E1 signing every big label reject though.

  • Jeremy Conley

    I exaggerate when I say LOL, but not this time.

  • Dan Karlin

    On the bright side, he could probably make a few thousand by pawning a bunch of his shit off at the Cash 4 Gold if he’s really hurting for money!

    Yeah, it’s not like everyone didn’t see this coming from a million miles away.

  • T-Rink

    If this is a surprise to you then you should stop liking hip hop music because you don’t understand it at all lol

  • THE guest

    he was feeling himself too much off one hit and then tried to shit on all of ny. can’t get away with that.

  • L Train

    Thank god!!! Finally looks like things are starting to get back to normal. Hopefully a whole lot of these other new rappers get fired or killed


    I’m all for anyone trying to “Come Up” & be $ucce$$ful but this dude should NEVER EVER EVER EVER have been signed to DEF JAM!!!!! Any body that knows even the slightest bit about Hip Hop History knows…DEF JAM is the home of REAL HIP HOP LEGENDS!!! Can everyone be a Legend absolutely not but let’s keep it 1,000,000% Russell Simmons, Lyor Cohen, Rick Rubin, Kevin Liles etc wouldn’t have even listened to this dudes demo after seeing how or what this dudes image was/is let alone sign him to a high 6 figure deal!!!!

  • Donn

    I hate when blog niggas act like they know what was in someone contract cus they read it on the internet. That’s corny. In other notes. Not surprised. Only good music will last.

  • Tone

    Migos, Bobby Shmurda, Young Weirdo, Chief Keef etc. All them niggas are next. Perfect example of if you’re a Gimmicc Rapper. You have no longevity in the game. You actually have to be able to go in make music, and put dope records together. Scenic route >>>>> short cuts.

    • HeruthaGod (Original N-G-R)

      migos are indie tho

      • Tone

        You’re missing my point. Migos and them niggas can’t make “music” so they’ll disappear within a year or so, and the next Gimmicc rapper will take over. Horrible cycle that needs to die, but…

        • realspit

          migos have ten hits anyways

  • el jim chapo guzman

    I wish I had Trinidad money tho.

  • Get Moneynigga

    Who should feel bad for this nigga Trinidad James.A lot of 1 hit wonders never had oppurtunities to shine like this coon ass nigga.DEF JAM gave him a golden oppurtunity to shine.He dropped the ball by gettin arrogant thinking he was the next Nelly or somebody and was gonna sale a million records or some shit.A lot of deez new rappers don’t make classic timeless music,they only make music for what’s going on right now and that’s one of the problem.DEF JAM tried they best to make him a star but he’s not talented just like Chief Keek and now Bobby Schmurda.They all will get let go out they deals and just be another artist raped by the industry.

  • Kingly_Caracter

    I never seen so much niggas gather around to celebrate the downfall of someone trying to eat. It’s like the second people perceive you have any large amount of money all sympathy goes out the window. The REAL definition of hate… The irony is, most of us want to be this exact person. A person that is well off. What do you want people to say when you fail again?…Empathy niggas…empathy.

    • Capuccino

      he aint good enough 2 b eatin like that consistently tho. sure he eatin coin his thing and i can never hate on nobody that makin bread, but def jam gotta learn not 2 invest in the 1 hit cats and look for bars and consistentcy. keep coin ur thing tho trin j, wish u the best man

      • Kingly_Caracter

        Bless up souljah. I can agree…he generally sucks. He went up the wrong ladder…Fell hard.

      • 2dipz

        they got logic vince staples big sean all under no id on def jam they gotta nice future

        • Capuccino

          facts man i agree logic the shit, but vince only okay. compared to other labels def jam doin work, but they have fucked up wit a couple 1 hitters

          • 2dipz

            you gotta listen to all vince’s shit, and yeah but they made sure they had sure artists too. they play both sides, idk if they gonna push lil durk and lil reese they both had 1. But YG was considered a 1 hit wonder until he started dropping more. Trinidad was goin nowhere tbh. Krit’s gotta get a hit. He’s gotta solid fanbase but he’s gotta get something for the label eventually. They don’t have that many one hitters on the roster rn

          • Capuccino

            facts. i feel like they gunna push lil durk, he’s already gettin play in the city, i kno cus my crip homie from bk b forever bumpin his shit, plus he’s got a lot of buzz comin off of the xxl cover. krit idk cus i agree that he needs a hit but it also feels like def jam got a longer leash on him, maybe based on past success, and he probably still makin bread off makin beats and shit so idk what they tryna do wit that.

  • AlexanderSwank

    The South Killed Hip Hop. Notice that when New York ran the rap game you had nothing but Classic albums. The south since taking over in 2006 has only had one classic — Young Jeezy, Thug Motivation 101—- The south has changed the landscape of rap with it’s production but has failed to produce a legacy. Since 2006 it has managed to stay relevant with one hit wonders such as Trinidad James and Souija boy —- Who are both jokes compared to Cam’ron or Dmx.—-

    Thank you South Rap for giving us great club and trap music like Gucci mane and Yung Thug. Thank you dumbing down lyrics and making the game all about hard hitting production with stupid simple lyrics. Thank you South for giving us such great artist like Trillville and Travis Porter.

    Comparing Ny rap to South rap

    Cam’ron > Gucci Mane
    Jay-z > T.I
    Redman > Ludacris
    Biggie > Rick Ross
    Asap Rocky > Texas
    Jadakiss > Young Jeezy
    Nas > Andre 3k
    Wu tang > Ugk
    Diddy > Birdman

    • Capuccino

      i feel what u sayin man, I’m from brooklyn and shits dominated by the southern trap and wack bars. but andre 3k and t.i. still r nice (andre is g.o.a.t. and early t.i. is ight)

    • JB

      Asap rocky is garbage, Cam’rons work ethic WAS good back in the ROC days, but now i would say Gucci mane has slightly evolved more

      • AlexanderSwank

        NYC> SOUTH RAP

        It’s Too Easy

      • Y is your face red

        Don’t forget that epic Macklemore video cameo. Wasn’t mister white privilege big upping this cat as NEXT?


        ASAP rocky got 3 mil. Most upfront since fiddy.

        But I be the has fucking problems worse than tj with the skirt and long hur not braiding picture going around.

        That’s the thing man. Cats can get big by region get Guap. Get spins. But in reality. The sand gonna run out of the hour glass.

        IMO cats like logic and yonas. Have more growth as artists to create a longevity of music

    • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

      Your comment longer than the Declaration of Independence.

      If you feel that way I’d suggest to cop Animal Ambition by 50 Cent. It’s by far the best album of the year so far.

    • 2dipz

      I’ll say Nas vs 3k Is debatable and Nas would never as he’s better than 3k, Killa is not better than Gucci sorry. Wu Tang vs UGK? Whaaa?

  • Johnny Caruso

    The song gold everything was bumped all over the south.even though it was the south we respect entertainment.seems to me that the management team should have homed in on dudes skill a little better and just done those type of songs if they were going to put 2 meal behind dude should at least protect or try to protect your invest…

  • tipp0183

    Someone could’ve told him not to spend that advance money. His success was like snow in South Florida… Once in 10 lifetimes.

  • LA Tha Gawd™

    Trinidad got his 15 but couldn’t prolong it… His music isn’t really bad though, his last type was nice in my opinion. He just failed to have another standout single. It’s hard out here…

  • LA Tha Gawd™


  • Babyface

    Trinadad James da best rapper alive