New Music: Remy Ma “They Don’t Love You No More”


Love, Remy.

If you didn’t love Reminisce, you gon’ love her now. Just 24 hours after her release, she lays down her first post-jail rap over Khaled’s anthem. Don’t go too far, we’re sure she’s got more.


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  • Carlos Danger

    the bars are okay she rode the beat tho.

    • B_G

      Rode a modern beat w/ a early 2000’s flow, lol. She’ll either adjust or fade away from the mainstream just like Boosie Boo did. Mark my words.

  • easy

    good shit. glad to see her back in the mix

  • Over

    She definitely hasn’t changed much.

    • B_G

      And that’s definitely a bad thing. Lol.

  • intelligentsoul

    I honestly hope she doesnt come back thinking she is 2006 Remy and start dissing Nicki. Her best bet would be to stay on nicki’s good side…at least nickis fanfs good side

    • Holla

      fuck nicky

    • radio raheem


  • facts

    remy ma> papoose

    • B_G

      On mommas!!!!

  • She needs to take her time before she end up like Lil Boosie. Her flow on this was verrry sloppy. She didn’t need to do this, take time Remy.

    • B_G

      Exactly, her flow sounds dated & sloppy. I hope she get adjusts well cuz I fuck w/ Rem.

      • radio raheem

        you can’t choose what someones flow should be, its not you rapping

    • el jim chapo guzman

      boosie came home suck and always been suck.

      • realtalk82


        • el jim chapo guzman

          Nigga voice annoying sounds like a fuckin mouse.

      • realtalk82

        I was never a fan of most of his stuff either brah

        • el jim chapo guzman

          All free boosie shit was a waste of time.

    • Theodore Pendergrass

      Who made u judge and jury, it was fine for someone been gone for that long. She will get better as time goes on. Rick Ross need to step his lyrics up a notch don’t u think?

      • Damn nigga I was giving constructive criticism on how it just sounded rushed and it was the wrong flow for the wrong beat damn. The lyrics were find but she shoulda chose a much more simple beat. Real simple but the bass and all them funky noises in this beat over shadowed her.

        • Theodore Pendergrass

          I can dig that Bro, kinda sound like u was hating on her lyrics. She’ll get there just give her sometime. Think Khaled saw opportunity and trying too capitalize off of it. Didn’t like the beat either, but she wasn’t too bad. Rusty, Yeah.

    • The Incredible Creation

      Blame Khaled lol …definitely sounds rushed tho…

    • Samsohn

      This shit was bumpin last night on Hot97 and I was bumpin this shit hard going over the Narrows – shit bumps HARD in the whip!

  • BK James

    First joint out the pen and this is the track she wants to hop on? You’d think she would have stockpiled some killer bars during her time incarcerated, instead we get this mediocre remix. Not a good way to start off.

    • The Incredible Creation

      you know Khaled hyped her up lol

  • Zen Abdul-Rafi

    Remy is going to be a problem if shes dedicated to adjusting a lil bit.
    she has Khaled on her team still.. just think about the beats and features she’s going to be able to land.

    If she just stays focused on the music…Sheeesh!

    When Remy Ma spits that street shit, Remy Ma actually done it!

    • The Incredible Creation

      *sigh* lets just hope Khaled isn’t in her corner too much tho… He has yet to successfully break an artist on a major scale… (Vado, Ace Hood) -_- she need BIG backing… Khaled just has “big TALK”… zZzZzZz & not to mention if she is sending shots at Nicki, Khaled is gonna “lean back” because hey, they are labelmates and i don’t think he’s about to be disloyal to Bird & Weezy.. but i’m thinking too deeply into it lol

  • Only a warm-up Remy’s still the truth.

  • joker

    nice shit, so far so good waitin for more

  • PTK

    shots fired

  • LOL

    wonder who she’s talkin bout, she did well on this

  • Hussle

    Not bad at all. I liked it for a comeback

  • Kay

    I think she did great especially being that shes only been home for 24 fuckin hours. A lot of artist take forever to come out with shit and it’s still mediocre bullshit. I consider this the warm up…just giving niggaz a lil taste, best believe she got some shit up her sleeve. She don’t need to take no time, her ass had nothing but time…it’s grind time let’s goooo!!

    • NYC Shawty

      maybe she should have took her time and picked a dope song. maybe spend some time with her child and husband before runnin off to the studio with khaled or the salon to get some fake hair.

  • GreenBergs

    ” im celibate, aint nobody can fuck wit me “, yawnnnnns

  • Anon

    Good to see Papoose husband free.

    • PhilLee8


    • radio raheem


    • intelligentsoul

      Wouldnt it be funny if he Dissed Remy once she becomes more popping than he is?

  • amen

    Rem was nice before – this was okay. First & second verse was basically the same – more or less. I agree with a comment that I read, sounds “sloppy” or rushed even, but that was a given.. I hope she doesn’t go straight into beef mode with someone (Nicki). That would be counter-productive. Overall – decent return.

  • Barcelona Boy_

    This is dope compared to the shit these females be putting out now a days… Shit if Iggy can make dumbshit & have Tip co-sign her…. shit let Remy make her paper also..

  • johhny bo


    dis gon b gud

  • cA

    It isn’t trash but it’s not hot.

  • Jake Zero

    Remy shoulda jumped on Hot Nigga.
    I’d prefer her on that then this track. On top of that, she chose the wrong flow for it.

    And I can’t believe I’m writing this but Remy, stay away from Nicky. At this point in her career, she would eat your rusty, early 2000’s flow alive. Ante Up was a loooooong time ago. Now, the only thing 7:30 is the time you were released.

  • .Trillion.


  • el jim chapo guzman

    ain’t no room for remy the game done change. remy too hard first of all and she’s not cute in the face. 3d na’tee look better and six years younger then remy.

  • hoesfavorite

    Dis sounded like a nicki diss from the pop reference to the fake ass but ion think remy got a chance out here sex sells and u gotta be more of a rap/pop star out here not to many females buy into that thuggish shit I’m just saying

  • FreSH82

    Need to hear something else

  • NYC Shawty

    Damn fresh out and you hit a dj khaled collabo? lmao she must of been in solitary confinement the entire time bc everyone knows hes a straight
    clown and that song was a huge flop, even Jay-Z refused to be in the

    Remy only been home 1 night…guess her son got a kiss on the cheek…U
    know her weave took bout 3hrs…u know the bitch went out for some food
    from the town…She prolly spent more time with Khaled then Pap…He
    prolly aint even get no head!

  • ERIQ D.

    Cons: she on a Khaled joint which Khaled is going to take full credit for.

  • droSmoker

    Everybody been given shouts to Milwaukee lately, about fucking time.. BrewCity Stand up….. let’s go Remy

  • cain45

    she still rappin and sounding like a dude smh

  • Jerzzz

    We must be listening to different shit because she going harder then most your favorite rappers and she been locked up 6 years.
    I dont know maybe im wrong, but her weakest 07 bars and flow on this terrible khaled fuckery is shitting on not just Nickis bullshit but most of the game schmoney dancin.

  • Curtis75Black

    Hey Remy,get with someone other than Khaled

  • Capuccino

    ma still got it, plz pick a better beat tho, u too good 4 khaled

  • ToTheBatmobile

    Being locked up kills ur spirit. Its hard 2 write while ur prison. I think she killed it. Yall r being 2 critical

  • ToTheBatmobile

    Being locked up kills ur spirit. Its hard 2 write in prison. I think she did gud n yall r being 2 critical

  • kingrex36005

    Ross u a bum… she did that track better then u…

  • p0is0nedkoola on Twitter

    Forced , pretentious dribble.
    This is the same chick crying to the judge that she’s “not a thug”.

    Now she’s back on this BS with her flow from 2005?


  • radio raheem

    her flow pace can be more steady but was on point and alright to me…. better than I thought after reading these deceiving comments.. not to mention 24 hrs.. good job remy

  • tipp0183

    I’m not sure why we salute ex-convicts so much in our culture… To each his own i guess…aight she’s nice.

  • The Real Franchise

    Rem is the only female rapper i’ve ever been able to listen to but fag khaled ruined this track screaming over the entire thing, I can never listen to his music. To all the people sayin this is dope cause she’s only been home 24 hours, what do you think she was doing in jail? I’d imagine writing bars for a welcome home freestyle, lol.

  • shits dope

    shits ya talking about.

  • Darrius

    Tell her stay in her lane before I side swipe her windshield wiper (wipe her) “niccee”. My dog still spitting that shit!

  • Nickey38

    Sometimes the comment section turns everybody into a A&R, producer, or whatever. They act like they’ve been doing music forever. Where y’all music at? Let me hear it so I can judge it?

    This track is hard, and after six years in the pen, She only gonna get better. I love Remy. Been a fan since Pun introduced her to the world. Y’all don’t know what you want and who you like.

    It’s your opinion and your opinion sucks!