Busta Rhymes Toyota Sienna Commercial

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To help promote the 2014 Toyota Sienna, Buss joins the Neubert family for a hilarious music video. Party over at the Swagger Wagon, muthafuckers mother-fathers.


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  • PTK


  • XD I’m weak! I might cop one just because now! haha

  • Jeremy Conley

    When did Toyata become an auto company. LOL The commercial so cringe worthy its good.

  • el jim chapo guzman

    Toyota Sienna is a lemon busta really doing anything for a check nowadays.

  • Hussle

    If this aint sellin out…i dont know what it is…

    • cain45

      nope it’s called getting paid broke hood dudes would not understand

      • David

        In any profession doing a commercial means you need money.

        • Lucky Lefty

          So Jay Z, Beyonce, Nas, Drake, Lil Wayne, and Eminem need money? Oh. Peace, bruh.

          • David

            Yeah but this is much different from Drake or Lil Wayne doing A Beats commercial or Beyonce doing a Pepsi ad.

        • Jake Zero

          Jay Z did Duracell.

          Bussa Buss is a multi-millionaire. He don’t NEED this money, what he needs is some damn brand management.

    • Marley71

      Imagine Bob Marley doing this, or Hendrix,..Bussa Bus! do your thing, get that moolaa with your wack ass, or go do some speedy gonzales raps with eminem, or better yet, go down to Jamaica and be a character witness for Vybz Kartel. The lost and the blind..

  • Teenage millionaire

    Insulting to his legacy

    • NYC Shawty

      no worse than signing to Cash Money… this is actually a step up

  • It’s Just Music

    yet when i question this guys legacy people quickly got defensive lol

    legends don’t do shit like this


    looks like hype williams son directed this shit on an etch a sketch

  • Jake Zero

    Bussa Buss done traded physiques with Rick Ross!

  • Dashing28

    To state the obvious.

    It’s been a bad year for Busta.

    He looked like somebody’s ridiculous aunt during the BET awards, the song with Eminem sucked, he got dissed by Loaded Lux, and now this….

  • Sean Power

    this is version of Mary J crispy chicken add, when you need the cash, you will lower you standard

  • Carlos Danger

    better than half whats out..why the dads verse better than busta’s lol..naw its a cool product placement..busta you rocking lipstick lol

  • Rattling off the N-word, talking about killing your own people, glorifying poppin molly’s in your rhymes, calling our sisters B***** in every rap is selling out waaaaaaaaaaaaay more than Making a funny song about a Toyota “Swagger Wagon”. #JustSayin #KeepIt100

    • Judge Joe Dredd

      No idiot…. discussing the plight of your people and cooning and baffooning are two different things.

      • Actually they’re not because just like calling each other the N-Word, Bitches etc, cooning and baffooning is also The Plight Of Your People. lol!

  • Al_Weezy

    This is definitely selling out to me. . . the difference between this and the majority of other artists who do commercials is that this clearly lacking any authenticity. You can tell Busta did this just for the check. Steve Stoute says that successful advertisements of this type generally have elements of “authenticity and aspiration” this has neither. It’s a mockery of our culture

  • Yall take things too serious I swear.

  • Oz

    these ads are so racist they make fun of black culture iv seen a few of these always black music and white ppl laugh at it – shits whack

  • Judge Joe Dredd

    Insulting to hip hop…. these clowns will tap dance on any screen for any product for nigger pennies….. But I guess money is money when the tax lien is on that ass.

  • TeF

    This is just fcking embarrassing and cringe-worthy. All of these comments talking about this ain’t selling out because he’s getting paid, that’s some sucka shyt that nigz with no dignity or self-respect would say, getting money should never involve gambling with your respect. This is a blatant insult to the culture, and it is disrespectful as hell, but it wouldn’t be as bad if they didn’t have a legend up there co-signing it for check. Bus takes a major L for this, correction, Hip Hop once again takes a major L.

  • dodo



  • The Incredible Creation

    corny as fuck, of course but a lil entertaining… wonder how much Busta’s check was… =/ lol http://toomanyfuckinrappers.tumblr.com/

  • Dat Nigga T

    Dat beat is the shit