New Video: Rick Ross “Supreme”

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Welcome To Miami.

Need to get away? Well down in South Beach, we kick it with the Bawse in the latest visual off Mastermind. Purchase the album on iTunes now.

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  • LP1087

    More than anybody ( including Birdman rotten ass )Ross visual make me wanna step my game up everytime I see em’ like…..quit my day jobs no week notice type shiet yo…….don’t hate my opinion ( had to do that )


    smh RR doing shady posting again, making sure their artist Ricky Rozay stays at the top of the page and on page 1 for longer. This video was released hours ago, way before the Chris Brown album news and the Trey Songz Joins Fabolous At Caribana post, was posted after this, but is now underneath it and they even edited the times, but forgot about the RR twitter account lol

    16 mins ago
    RAPRADAR: Trey Songz Joins Fabolous At Caribana http://

    26 mins ago
    RAPRADAR: New Video: Rick Ross “Supreme” http:/

    • GetReal

      shut the fuck up nitpicking, you reaching hella hard

      • too hard

        • Hussle


        • Zen Abdul-Rafi

          You should have let Troy Ave get a feature on this.
          This is the type of shit he needs.

          MMG BOSS SHIT!

        • Zen Abdul-Rafi

          You could easily sign Troy Ave make him out sell out sell 50 and G-unit. Just to be an asshole lol

    • Justin TimberBAKED

      Nigga stfu!!!! If you really have a problem with RR get up off your sorry ass and create your own website. Do you know how fucking stupid you look complaining about a site that you still go on everyday? Smh if you don’t like how the promote Rick Ross then stay the fuck off! Otherwise stfu and enjoy the content

    • Mike Markidis

      take yo bitch gossiping ass over to world star

  • el jim chapo guzman

    I’m not feeling this. Scott beats sound outdated.


    is that keith sweat old ass on the hook?

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Officer Ricky’s 15 minutes is up. 50 killed that boy.

    • bcro31

      Been quite since June 1st. Not like Ross. 50 got a hit tv show, got gunit back together killing shit. Btw, i wish power would come on again during the fall.

      • Justin TimberBAKED

        Is Animal ambition even at 100k yet? Hahaha please several seats smh that shit flopped something serious. Hate to break it to u but 50 and g unit is dead musically

  • carl grimes

    mastermind a classic

    • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

      No sir, Mastermind aint no classic, 50’s Animal Ambition is a classic album. Mastermind is a big fat flop.

      • carl grimes


        • Dafuq


          • carl grimes

            sup nigga you just wait till next season

          • Dafuq

            Man idk, it’s been kinda losing the steam it started with. Too much stupid shit going on.

      • tipp0183

        50 has one classic album. give me another classic, 50 cent song that isn’t on Get Rich…

        • Dafuq

          Go listen to the Massacre.

  • Expired Milk&The Crying Dude

    Is that Keith Sweat on the hook? Wish he were in the video too?

    One of my fav from Mastermind.

  • Dafuq

    How the fuck is this top 5 with a shitty post rating of 1.7?

    RR tried to make their site more community credible by allowing post rating submission, yet these “MMG/Drake/Young$” posts always seem to be top 5.

    • tipp0183

      So you must have missed the week when Animal Ambition was all over this shit and barely opened at $48k first week…don’t bring up the independent shit either. If you had a website and artist wanted to pay you to be on the top 5 would you take it or be like ‘naw my site has integrity’. STFU

      • Dafuq

        Nah my word is my bond so I would tell Ross to go pay Rap Radar for blog hits

      • NYC Shawty

        “So you must have missed the week when Animal Ambition was all over this shit and barely opened at $48k first week.”

        All that shit had way more comments and better ratings than everything Ross does n here that makes it to the top 5 except for when Trick Trick ran him outta Detroit.

  • Gillie Da Kid

    Meek and Rozay looking like lovers… 2 lol…the KING

    • The Incredible Creation

      Birdman x Weezy ** >?

  • The Incredible Creation

    i think its safe to say, MMG is on a mean ass downfall right now smh… it is what it is tho… funny how, he been a lil quiet these past few months & now on a mean ass release run when Jeezy workin on grabbing the peoples attention again zZzZzZz ..but maybe i’m reaching tho lol

  • SpaceGhost

    It’s amazing how black folks hate on this guy because he used to be a correctional officer. Who gives a fuck?! Dude makes some of the best sounding and most entertaining hip hop music and its always quality. Get over yourselves. Ross’ music is the shit.Period. No comma.