New Music: Lil Kim “Flawless (Remix)”

flawless kim

Gave You The Rope.

Just days after Nicki joined Bey for the remix, the Queen Bee reignites her beef with her rival with her own interpretation. “Am I tripping or did this ho just say my name? / Queen of rap, fuck outta here”. Uh oh.

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  • WhoButNi

    LMAO, too easy.

  • The Rock says

    Damn! her verse worse than Nicki’s!!!

    • Danny Martin

      Her verse shitted on Ricki’s verse!

    • Kim not attractive yo

      Using them old ass pre-7th plastic surgery pics

  • West West

    She cant talk anymore because of the plastic surgery?! Shit is sad! Plus this was a bad verse!

    • Danny Martin

      Shitting all over Sicki Garbage’s verse!!! Sicki can’t talk anymore because of the plastic surgery! Bitch is sad!

  • Zen Abdul-Rafi

    I salute Lil Kim for still doing it for the competitive side “the sport” of this rap culture.
    She already made her mark in the game.

    • Honestly

      I don’t

  • The Incredible Creation

    HOT FUCKIN’ GARBAGE, BRUH.. Go take care of that newborn Kimmy… -_-

    • Danny Martin

      Shitting all over Sicki’s fucking hot garbage verse!!!

  • Yamzz

    What’s best bar a female rapper has ever had? On the real they can make great music…the Kim’s, the Eve’s, the Lauryn Hill’s etc but I don’t think females can really come up with lines that can wow me…sorry if that comes off ignorant

    • Zen Abdul-Rafi

      Ms Hustle Vs Gattas battle just dropped, you should check that out with an open mind.

  • intelligentsoul

    Looking at the numbers…Nicki Minaj is the greatest female rapper ever

    • What numbers? You sound like fat ass rick ross

      • intelligentsoul

        Fat ass Rick Ross?

  • bee

    Both verses are wack

  • brollya

    she could at least did some more bars…. shit was like 10 bars way at the end… people already stopped it wen they aint hear kim cuz did until i read the comments and was like damn where its at

  • el jim chapo guzman

    shit aight i like it.

  • Carlos Danger

    kim love ya but nicki got this on lock…tweet @rackscarsass

  • Von

    Sad isn’t even the word anymore.