New Music: Mike Will Made It x Young Thug “Take A Picture”

take a picture

Respect The Shooter.

Accompanied by Young Thug, all lenses stay focused on Mike Will and the first release off his upcoming Ransom tape. Say cheese.

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  • obla

    over/under 5: how many drugs young thug is on when he records music.

    • Kingly_Caracter

      At least the top 10 Drugs…

  • thot patrol

    this wavy … whatever that means

  • Kingly_Caracter

    This nigga said: “I am an Aflickin-merikin”…I’m done.

    • Theodore Pendergrass

      Wonder what that mean? LOL!

  • el jim chapo guzman

    Believe or not young thug ass but he’s sound different then any other new rappers out there. That kid gonna blow.

    • Kingly_Caracter

      I give him that…He has his own brand of weirdness…

      • el jim chapo guzman

        True but fuck him as a artist.

        • angry rapper

          different? he sounds like what Wayne would have sounded like if he never got off lean.

          • Sheeesh

            Nah, wayne got lyrics and you can understand him clearly. Young Thug is catchy but more future than Wayne

    • drewsmit24

      He pickin up where wayne left off but with no talent. Makes 2 chain sound like the Old testament spoke by MLk

  • true story no lie

    Young got some catchy songs. some are wack others are good. I like his odb Wayne style.