New Music: Trinidad James “Doin Me”

doing me

Still Going.

Although no longer with Def Jam, Trinidad James is enjoying the independent route and reminds us it’s still all good with his new cut.

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  • Changeclothz

    This shiii dope

  • HipHopTV

    wtf is this BS. lol!

    • radio raheem


  • carl grimes

    he should never of had a record deal in the first place , this is horrible

  • Nah

    Yo just fucking stop

  • West West

    The end is super hot! That beat is on some drake / 40 shit!

    • Chronic

      It’s literally just him trying to bite drakes sound

  • Sina Mailer Daemon Djavadkhani

    Dope , nice modulating key bassline halfway

  • Chronic

    Half the shit he says doesn’t make sense or rhyme

  • The picture and the flow lmao I actually kinda feel sorry for him lol

  • His trying to make up for his shittyness with the beat and positive lyrics. What happened to cocky fxck New York Trinidad ??? lol eat that humble pie boy

  • Theodore Pendergrass

    Respect to dude for not giving up. Not bad, really like that beat. somebody says it’s sound like Drake. DK about that but SO to the Producer RAAK, it’s got an old school feel about it.

  • SD #ash Tag

    Lay off the Molly kid

  • Frank Kennedy

    This track is nice. Cool, easy track. Y’all need to stop hating everhthing . It’s like y’all see a headline n quick it just to get mad and post some hateful shit

    • Yo

      Or niggas don’t like it.

  • It’s the irony that he finally makes a song I actually like when he’s NOT on a major label. : /

    • alex

      Irony? Or yet another argument for the up and coming artists to stay away from majors?

  • bcdatuck

    So back to doin him is trying to be Drake?

  • nicoswebaby

    Sorry, Lil Bibby already destroyed that sample.

  • Tha Gawd

    Trinidad is a whack ass rapper but this is actually nice & real

  • Dafuq

    Wtf. This shit is wack. It’s a wrap for this nigga.

  • Neal

    Wacker than the wackest shit Lil B ever did

  • Proffett

    To be honest this probably his best song. Lol

  • Killyoself Asap

    What a weak ass amatuer beat. Shit is like 4 tracks. Trinidad trash as always

  • Brandon M

    I fucks with this

  • el jim chapo guzman

    shopping around for a new deal now.

  • cain45


  • Matthew Morgan

    I guess he’s trying…. I can’t hate that

  • The Incredible Creation

    surprised RR posted it since he’s not on a major anymore lol zZzZzZz

  • braveempire

    I knew this beat sound familiar—–

  • THE guest

    he looks musty as fuck in that picture tho

  • George West

    T James gonna make it happens

  • Beau x Nation

    You should have been doin you. Dont start know. It may be too late. Track is decent tho. Something to smoke and ride to.

  • realtalk82

    It’s better than I expected. The beat is dope though.

  • BEE

    Man this track so real, I cant hate on this. Goodluck TJ! lol

  • Sam Robilotta

    Trinidad is dope, but man that’s one ugly mother fucka