• $₱₳ṝ₭≳.

    Ahhahah Ross Acting Like He In The Guts Like That …. Ohhh Cinemaxxx ass nigga HAhahahahahahaa!!!!

  • el jim chapo guzman

    mmg it’s over fuck rick ross and french montana it over.. ggggggggggggggunit… mmg killer’s

    • Even tho Animal Ambition did a fifth of Ross’ sales and no one in the outside world actually plays those G unit Remix’s?? ok bruh

      • el jim chapo guzman

        You the only rick ross fan that still think rick ross is making noise.

        • Justin TimberBAKED

          He is tho! If he wasn’t he wouldn’t have had the number one album in the country when it dropped

          • el jim chapo guzman

            I put rick ross album on the treadmill and that shit just stood there.

        • Trust me I don’t. I just think people need to face reality that MUSICALLY Ross is bigger than 50 in 2014.

          • el jim chapo guzman

            Who has more money tho.

          • What I just say ??? Course 50 has way more money he has the best selling Gangsta album of all time

          • el jim chapo guzman

            who rap better rick ross vs fif.

  • tookie williams

    greatest video in rap history

    • bcro31

      Shut the fuck up. This Nigga trying to get a acting job on Power with all that fake mafia shit.

  • The Incredible Creation

    lol you’d think Rozay would be a better actor on camera lol zZzZzzz http://www.theincrediblecreation.com/

  • Trillionare

    Damn Wale dont be around like that he wasnt in the last 3 Ross videos with meek all in em, Nigga might want to think about rolling out on his own. Bail on that sinking ship!!!

    • Sinking ship?lol why yall niggas love to speculate. Ross album went number one. Check everyone elses’ sales and come back with that statement. Check the hype for Meeks album even tho the first single was trash. Wale the real sinking ship in MMG most people still listen to him cos of MMG and Ross saved him so sit down with your like fetching ass

      • ilexx

        Dawg do u even believe half the shit u write?

        Wale is the best artist in MMG hands down. Without Wale MMG, what would be the difference between MMG and YMCMB? NOT A FUCKING THING.

        Wale brings the diversity to MMG’s street fantasies….

        Ross album went #1 in the week it came out yes, he beat Pharrel’s first week right? But Pharrel has gone on to outsell him. Which would u rather, to say your album debuted at #1 or that it sold more……

        I’ll wait, just to see how dumb u are.

        • ofcourse Pharrell out fxckin sold him. do you know who Pharrell is??!?!?? have you listen to the two’s music??? tf are you on mate and I’m a huge fan of Wale but where was he before Ross and after that Lady Gaga song?? See how much he sold first week with his first MMG album??? You think he woulda done that anywhere else your lost seriously. Dudes always looking for reasons to bring Ross’ down but the dude is still on top in his market. Only people outselling him are the Kanyes and Drakes and they ain’t even his competition. Sit down bro its ok

          • ilexx

            Did u listen to Wale’s mix tape More about nothing? Cause there is a reason Ross signed Wale, it wasn’t because he was talentless and it wasn’t because Attention Deficit was great either. After AD Wale hit the mix tapes hard and Ross signed the dude and he did great.

            This started cause u said Wale was a sinking ship but….

            How is Wale the sinking ship? His sales have been steady and dude puts out quality over quantity.

            Just don’t say stupid pointless shit son.

            Pharrel outsold Ross and yes he is and should be more popular than Ross but his album wasn’t promoted more than Ross, he put that album together last minute, yes he had a HUGE single though but let’s not forget the single was for Despicable Me and then the album was an after thought. Ross was naming dropping Mastermind for 18 months before the album dropped.

            The fact I am making is this, J Cole sold more than Pharrell and so did Kendricks last piece, those dudes are newcomers who didn’t have the attention and exposure that Ross has. So why did they sell better? Quality over quantity.

          • Yo

            Yo you said a lot of words but at the end of the day real niggas not checking for Wale’s cry baby ass

  • Cmon Son

    “I don’t want this guy to see the sunrise….you HERE me?”


  • Los

    Ross the jig is up

  • .Trillion.

    nickelodeon cartoon characters

    • bcro31

      Ren & Stimpy type of Niggas. Lol

    • Dafuq

      Kenan & Kel ass niggas

    • Changeclothz


  • Dafuq

    Has mastermind hit platinum status?

    • bcro31

      Lol no. Stalled around 400k i think.

      • tipp0183

        400,000 is a lot of fucking anything sold. that’s roughly about 5.2 million…not bad for a fat probation officer from Miami.

        • ilexx

          5.2 for who though?

          We don’t know what the budget was for the album but whateva they advanced him has to come out of that 5.2 mil and then he only makes about 20% of what’s left and that 20% is generous as fuck, highly doubt he is getting that. So really 400,000 sold with all that attention, radio play and Def Jam behind you? Ppl can talk all they want but Mastermind was a major flop and there is actually no excuse. Def Jam promoted it, he had big features AND good production, so what was the problem? Its simply that Rick Ross’ brand is watering down. U can only do the same shit over and over so many times before ppl stop buying into it.

          Fuck this dude stole a man’s government name and identity and won’t even pay homage to the dude or break him off some bread for jacking his name and persona. Ross is faker than ANY other rapper out there right now and with every interview and every album its only becoming clearer how fake dude is. I am just glad the mainstream is finally catching up to what we have all known for years now.

          • Thats how I know niggas have Ross’ dick in their mouth, Even Ariana Grande can’t do Ross’ first week numbers only people doing bigger numbers are the Drakes and Jays who have crossed way over and what big features Kanye??? most people featured were def jam anyway and in terms of promotion he did the same as most people tbh he didn’t even get to do Ellen like before. So what are you talking bout major flop?? If anything the budget on this album was one of the lowest compared to GFID. Have a sit down man your thirsty.

          • ilexx

            U simple minded simp.

            U think the budget was smaller for this album? U are fucking nuts….

            There are newcomers who can do better numbers than Ross and do u know the difference between them and Ross, these dudes are just realer and/or they don’t run from their REAL life. Cole put up better first week numbers and so did Kendricks last album.

            Here is a bet, I bet Kendricks next album will put up better first week and overall sales than Ross’ did. I also bet that Cole’s will do the same.

            Dawg, just walk out from behind the curtains and enter reality again fam, the show is over. Ross sales shall decline from here on out #FactsOnly

            And the fact that u get on this site (and who knows what other site) with your Rick Ross name and display pic EVERY SINGLE day and defend MMG and Ross all day without getting paid for it is really disappointing. Like dat shit is sad for real. Do something with your life bro.

          • Fck my life nigger MMG for life hahahha. First off again ofcourse Kendrick and J cole will do bigger numbers but those are literally the only two cats you can name out of how many rappers in America!?? Kendrick album will probably do double Ross’ numbers but is Kendrick even Ross’ market hell no cuz and J cole certainly ain’t.

            Yes this budget was much smaller. Have you seen the features and production on GFID!????All Ross had on this album was Kanye and The Weeknd and production wasn’t any big names.

          • ilexx

            This is a joke right?

            1. Jay-Z (platinum artist)
            2. Kanye West (platinum artist)
            3. Lil Wayne (platinum artist)
            4. Jeezy (platinum artist)
            5. Sizzla and Mavado (Both Jamaican)
            6. The Weekend
            7. Big Sean
            8. Meek Mill
            9. French Montana

            Tell me again he didn’t have major features. He had Diddy, Scott Storch, Justice League, Mike Will and D-Rich as producers, even Kanye, Mike Dean and Sj Mustard dis sanctified. For the most part that’s his usual cast of producers, doesn’t seem like he skimped on the budget for production.

            We can go back and forth all day, none of us know what the budget was like but I do know it wasn’t anywhere near as small as u think.

            Just admit that if your favorite rapper was as good as u think he is then with all that star power on his album, he should have done better, can we agree on that? Your boy should be able to go platinum with his status in the game but when his shit hits the market place ppl just ain’t that excited for it.

            And to add another name, Jeezy’s last piece sold better than Ross’ GFID. Lets see what happens with Seen It All but I wouldn’t be surprised if it outsold Mastermind too.

            Ross is a sinking ship and if u can’t see that then you are too stupid to be having this discussion with.

          • Wow I said its small compared to GFID Jesus. Personally I don’t think its a flop cos of the whole officer thing and all those L’s his taken to me selling 180,000 first week considering all that is an achievement.

            Unlike you I have been agreeing with some things you’ve said and like I said mostly Def Jam artists for the features this time. But look everyone has their time and yes the hype for Ross ain’t like 2012 when he was EVERYWHERE however I don’t think his fallen off as fast as people like you would like to think. Not many people are doing 180,000 first week I keep reminding you.

            I think first week Jeezy will do very well but its a tough climate at the moment. End of the day all I can say is stop looking for reasons to bring down Ross and focus on the bigger picture. Dude doing well considering all his L’s including raping lyrics etc.

          • ilexx

            U know what, maybe we can agree on that, he is doing OK granted the L’s he has taken in his career.

          • Thank you lol

          • Dafuq

            Why do you support Rick Ross?

          • Ross’ voice is a great instrument together with his beats and shiit gives me goosebumps forget his lyrics. I just think its sad to see people comment on his videos with so much anger and hate like they’re being forced to listen. If you don’t like Ross then don’t click it sir.

          • Justin TimberBAKED

            If Ross is a sinking ship then wtf is 50??? He couldn’t even push 50k first week. And please save all that independent bullshit cause 50 is known worldwide not to mention he had some big name features on his album as well. You honestly need to stop hating on Ross and get 50’s dick out ur mouth. You know damn well if 50 did Ross numbers you wouldn’t consider that a flop. Hell BISD was on a major and he only did 47k the first week with that album so what’s your excuse for that? In fact the sells were so low that Interscope had to beg soundscan to hold up on counting and releasing the first week numbers till the second weeks came in so they could add em together. Your boy was flopping on a major as well. That’s why they put him on the shelf for two years #Fact

          • 50 cent has over 500 MILLION

            50 cent went diamond so shhh

          • Dafuq

            Is that you gunplay

        • 50 cent has over 500 MILLION


      • Dwight Stewart

        get real it stalled around 330k!

    • Jake Zero

      lol nigga got jokes

      • Jax

        Animal Ambition still hasn’t even sold as much as Mastermind in its first week.

        • Dafuq

          Well obviously Ross had the big company backed project and still failed.

          Animal Ambition was independent and more of a street tape. I don’t see the comparison you are trying to make.

          • tipp0183

            50 cent is known all over the world. He was everywhere promoting that album. Independent or not it, Animal Ambition had crazy exposure… nobody bought it simple and plain, especially NY. I bet you downloaded it too keep it 100. I take nothing away from 50 but that’s the truth. Regardless of who is the more thorough or “REAL”, Ross just had the better quality album. Lyrics were average on both albums, but Masterminds productions quality stomped THE SHIT out of Animal Ambition. 50 probably made those beats himself. With that said, POWER shits on EVERYTHING Ross got going on right now. I’m a fan of both, fuck sides.

          • Mylo

            Ok… But let’s be real 50 sold 100k on a Power soundtrack…. Automatic recoup… Videos done on power sets… Lmao 50 a hustla. 100k wit no promo is good… My sister didn’t even no he drop an album and she’s a fan…

          • Stop using the big machine excuse 50 has more fans and they both did the same promotion tricks. Excuses excuses Animal ambition flopped.

          • ilexx

            No son…. They didn’t use the same promotion tricks and secondly, the big machine can force your spins on the radio and if u fucktards can’t see this yet, there is a correlation between the amount of spins you get at radio and how well your singles sell and that in turn impacts your album sales.

            As in u saw the article on Fancy being promoted by the On The Verge program that forced every clear channel radio station to play the song 150 times in 6 weeks. In that timeframe we watched the sales of the single skyrocket exponentially. Now think whateva u want about that but it speaks to the correlation I mentioned before.

            Its this exposure that sells albums and that is the kind of exposure that is hard to get independently which is why independent albums struggle to garner that kind of attention.

            And if somebody wants to bring up Macklemore, let me start by saying first that he is white, that helped get the support he needed. And secondly, while Macklemore is independent he did partner with a major to market his record and that’s a fact everybody leaves out when they mention that he did it all independently.

          • They certainly did plus 50 had that thing with Chelsea Lately which Ross can only dream off.

            Ok 1. 50 Cent does not need a big machine to force radio to spin his music. Plus I heard that Animal Ambition tracks were getting way MORE spins on stations like Hot97.
            2. Ross didn’t even get that many spins cos his singles were all flops. Facts. Only Nobody got spins really.
            3. How you gon’ use a white pop artist in comparison to a “Gangsta” rapper. Your so lost in looking for excuses. Ross did very well .

          • ilexx

            Fam u don’t get it do u, EVERY artist needs a big machine to force radio to spin their records.

            Go check the numbers independent artists only get about 2% of the spins that major label artist get at terrestrial radio.

            Details on the spins at HOT97 was released for June and I remember the only independent artist that got any spins during the day was Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. UMG as a label had the most spins, guess who distributes Def Jam, u guessed it UMG. I’m just saying.

            Don’t act like u know shit, celebrity status or how many fans u have, doesn’t get your shit played on the radio. Facts.

            U can make all the sub-genres u want, white rapper, gangsta rapper, weirdo rapper, anything but what is hip hop, I just call hip hop and when bringing up Macklemore I was only comparing independence to independence, not a gangsta to a white rapper. Try to keep up.

          • Dafuq

            Well said my friend

  • Jake Zero


  • Jake Zero

    Seems like 50 won the war after all.
    POWER >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> this piece of shit

    • The Joker

      Animal ambition – 40k first week

      Ross laughs

      • 50 cent has over 500 MILLION

        Ted Lucas owns 75% of rick ross publishing masters.

        50 cent laughing to the bank!!!!!

        • Dafuq

          Haha, checkmate!

        • Even if he does, probably doesnt since Ross is 6 albums in. But if he did Ross still sold more sooooooo

          • Mylo

            On a major,…

          • 50 cent has over 500 MILLION

            Nope. He still distributed with slip n slide. TED OWNS HIM….

          • 50 cent has over 500 MILLION

            Cool 6 albums. ..50 cent went diamond 1 ALBUM

            50 cent wins.

          • Liking your own comments and 50 opened doors for people like Ross but its 2014. Ross has a better sound

    • Justin TimberBAKED

      U know that’s sad! This the only thing 50 been successful in Es last couple years so this is the only thing y’all have to brag about hahaha

  • disqus_mvhivNHboz

    “You Here Me”. It’s HEAR…..Who at Def Jam approved this video? Christ

  • Justin TimberBAKED

    Def one of my fav songs off the album!!!

  • bcl187

    The most fakest rapper in history ladies n gentlemen..Rozay!

    • #EnglishGrammar101

      The FAKEST not the MOST FAKEST.

  • Guest

    Shit video was very great quality. hip hop is evolving to respectable brand around the world.

  • PaperPlates Clothing

    shit. this video was very great quality. hip hop is evolving to respectable brand around the world. shout outs to MMG and Mr. Rivera on the direction

  • RealDeal©Hill

    Nice visual. Another Eif Rivera classic.