Drake & Friends At OVO Fest 2014

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In The 6.

After kicking things off yesterday with YG, Outkast and Bun B, Aubrey kept the festivities going on night two. Following Jhene Aiko’s set, Drizzy hit the stage with surprise guests Lauryn Hill, Trey Songz, J.Cole, DJ Khaled, PARTYNEXTDOOR, Usher, YG and G-Unit. Here are a few highlights from the show.







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  • zilla

    no solange tho ?

  • PaperPlates Clothing

    damn.. this shit looked like it was better than Summer Jam. OvO fest have become a real event.

  • treybae8

    I feel like if anywhere Game and 50 could get back together it woulda been at OVOfest… oh well looks like that’s never gonna happen

  • gem187

    I really thought this n*** was gonna get a big superstar in like Beyoncé or Rihanna
    … don’t matter this event is a success every year… stay winning drizzy

    • The Rock says

      Good thing u switched up ur tone I really thought u was boutta hate on dude cuz he aint bring out rihanna or beyonce that wouldve been crazy

  • Datduderay

    Lol dude standing in front guy recording threw up the Roc sign by mistake, my man was hype too hype to see 50

    • bcro31

      Man that show looked and sounded crazy

      • s

        everyone in TOR knows all of drakes lyrics!!

        • jimjoneshomeless

          no they not because not everyones a faggot

  • Zen Abdul-Rafi

    Drake is one of the best niggas to do it in hip hop.

  • Donn

    Drizzy stay winning. 5 years later how am I the man still?

  • Sina Mailer Daemon Djavadkhani

    Wow that’s awesome!

  • poetmm .

    Here comes the hate for Drake LMAO. Drake running this hip hop shit whether you like it or not.

  • poetmm .

    GRODT still a classic

    • s

      the workout soundtrack

  • smale45

    ayy. good shit @Drake. hate on this guy all you want, but Drake is successful and smart dude.

  • Home Of Philly

    This festival is looking like its going to take Summer Jams position as “the” HIpHop concert of the year… I might have to make that trip next year… I say that shit every year then I talk myself out by say “he already brought everybody out. Who else is left?” Then he pulls some shit like this hahahaha. Next year, we outchea

  • Free Slowbuck’s Chain!

    Crowd went craziest for G-Unit, it was insane. Officer Ricky lost, Drake didn’t invite him because hes not hot.

    Would have been the perfect chance for G-unit to catch Khaled slipping and give him another L, maybe take his chains but I’m sure he got the fuck outta dodge when he found out Fif was there.

  • NYC Shawty

    It really is a G-Unit Summer! Ross had to stay home from Summer Jam and OVO Fest and got ran outta Detroit! HAHHAHA

  • ERIQ D.

    Niggas so hyped when 50 came out throwing the ROC up lmao

  • Everybody

    J. Cole is SO boring at this point. Make some better music got dammit!

  • Dafuq

    Hip hop sucks now. This is a prime example. I’m fed up w this world.

    • NYC Shawty

      drink bleach then

      • bcro31


      • Dafuq

        Neh…I’ll drink off your moms areola and call it a day.

  • dlally
  • BlackJesus

    J. Cole lost

  • GetReal

    i love how the 50 dick riders who hate on drake every minute of the day literally have nothing to say due to the fact it is drake, yes drake who is making him and the unit relevant again, sure you blog niggas who account for about 0.02 percent of the world may have been up on it, but all the regular folk who are up to times now have a reason to like 50 and the unit again THANK HIM LATER

    • bcro31

      You sure it’s not the 1.1 million people that saw the season finale of Power on Sat. Made it the number 1 trending topic on twitter.

      • GetReal

        thats wassup, but yes I’m sure, drake has always been a 50 fan, he’s doing you clowns a favor, now fuck off bitch

    • NYC Shawty

      bitch dont be stupid if they werent relevant he wouldnt have brought them out. they got themselves relevant 2 months ago at summer jam and drake hopped on the band wagon cause he knows they back! told ross he had to stay home this year LOL.

      50 fans dont even hate on drake like that they hate on ross, french, ja and sometimes game.

      • GetReal

        bitch get off my dick you a fucking clown the fact you even responding validates my comment, you’re a bitch and you like an irrelevant ass artist, so go kill yourself you fucking faggot

  • Gayke

    Drake bothers everybody in the industry just to work with his talentless ass. That cocksucking dumb bitch, Rihanna is ugly as sin lol. What a idiot who spends his time writing songs about some hideous, stupid hoe. She looks like a man. He must look at her ugly fucking self as man when she’s sucking his dick. That motherfucker is gay ROFL.

  • .Trillion.

    lol why would he bring out dj khaled lol he wants to be a famous rapper sooooooo bad

  • Groot


  • BruhPlease

    shit was corny if you ask me

    • Sam Robilotta

      thankfully no one did

  • Sam Robilotta

    dammn they were going crazy for 50. PLEAAAASE come in here and talk how 50 and unit is irrelevant.

    • bcro31

      They cant. Only that little kid @get real has so much malice in his heart for one of the best to do it.