New Video: Freddie Gibbs x Madlib “Harold’s”


Freddie’s Got A Gun.

Prior to putting in that work, Freddie Gibbs hits the Harold’s Chicken Shack in his new video off his and Madlib’s Pintata. Can’t work on an empty stomach.

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  • true story no lie

    Great album late video

  • el jim chapo guzman

    Freddie Gibbs should’ve stayed with jeezy shit would’ve got better him. Jeezy and Gibbs remind me of jim jones and max b beef.

    • NYC Shawty

      he doesnt need jeezy, especially after all that sucka shit he witnessed like seeings gucci in the club dolo or running into Ross and nothing popping off.

      • el jim chapo guzman

        Cause jeezy a business man.

  • Cmon Son

    This shit cold, shoutout to Freddie Corleone

  • stacks

    freddie gibbs is one of the most underrated rappers in the game….we say we want the real and this is it..

    • Donn

      The way these ppl comment on the internet, shouldn’t this dude be platinum ?

      Internet blog comments don’t equal the real world connection. It’s more to being an artist than being good at rapping

      • Yo

        It costs $13.99 to post an internet blog comment, or nah?

  • Marley71

    Part of the reason Jeezy aligned with Gibbs was to “go to war” with Ross. But then Jeezy went the peace route. What was Gibbs supposed to do, start saying that Ross was a legitimate hip-hop artists?

    I was excited by Gibbs when he came on the scene, but that’s when I thought he might try to bring some of that Huey P, or Fred Hampton flavor to his subject matter, but apart from “The Ghetto”, he has displayed zero consciousness, so the stupid squabble with Jeezy became a moot point.

    • Dafuq

      I get your point. The ghetto was dope when I first listened to it, and it was one of the first tracks I heard from Gibbs. I also expected to hear more of that shit from Gibbs, but he’s sticking w some of that g shit. I don’t mind it cause Gibbs is the truth. But down the line, I would hope that he eventually taps that side of his writing skills.

    • Eli Pinilla

      Listen to “shitsville” and “deeper”. He sprinkles that on there.

  • .Trillion.

    Gibbs is a great artist, but doesn’t belong in todays fake bubblegum industry, he would have fitted in perfect in the 90’s or or 2000’s.

  • SD #ash Tag

    ESGN!! Gibbs raw as fuck. B Dot get ya hands on that interview from this morning. I know my man had to be name dropping on that shit.

  • SD #ash Tag

    My bad. Big Homie get ya hands on that interview for the fans bro

  • dlally
  • LP1087

    A skinny niegga, Ha !……(pointing) my plug…..for gangsta product, right there

  • Cruz00005


  • RealDealĀ©Hill

    Smooth joint right here.