Breakfast Club Interviews Marsha Ambrosius

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Let’s Talk About Sex.

Well let Charlamagne explain this one:

Marsha Ambrosius stops by “The Breakfast Club” to discuss her new album “Friends & Lovers” speaks on her relationship with Dr.Dre, why things didn’t work at Aftermath, why it will probably never be a Floetry reunion, why Adele wins more than someone like her, being dickmatized, putting all her experiences with men good or bad in music, squirting, doing 69’s, being a lesbian, fucking fans and much more!!!

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  • Jake Zero

    I need Angela Yee in my life sexually. She will be mine soon enough.

    • b r z a

      bc she’s a talented singer and people like myself enjoy her interviews

      • Jake Zero

        Maaaaaaaaaaan she comes under the category of fetish on porn sites! I don’t need to be seeing this egotistical, trollop this early in the morning.

  • Guillaume Pilon

    she was cute back then

    • 2dipz

      never was. Natalie was the cute one

  • Barcelona Boy_

    Sexy & Talented! Marsha can get that LD anytime of day

  • intelligentsoul

    She gaining some weight back though…still can get it

    • 2dipz

      yall fuckin weird lol

  • Will Blax (BNK Consulting)

    this was a dope interview!


      I 1,000,000% CO SIGN YOUR STATEMENT!!!! This was cool, funny & informative & I love the fact that she’s not only honest but stuck up for Michael Jackson!!!! People always want to believe the WORST shit about people even if it’s not true at all!!!!!

  • dollabeelz

    Wow ok.eye opener

  • The Incredible Creation
  • Iamkristmas

    This is the first time an interview has ever made me buy anything without seeing/hearing it….