New Music: Lil’ Kim “Identity Theft”

identity theft

Fake I.D.?

As you can see, Kimberly isn’t letting up on Nicki Minaj anytime soon. And today, the Queen Bee pull’s Onika’s card over J.Dilla production. Oh boy. Make it stop.

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  • .Trillion.

    track is nice but kim needs to let it go
    everyone knows nicki been biting kim’s style it’s old news

    lil kim was a dope hip hop artist, with a number of classics, nicki is a pop artist who appeals to a different audience.

    • bcro31

      True, but a little competiton never hurt nobody. Lol

  • tomo

    sick rapping can’t deny that

  • Free Gunplay’s Chain!

    this song should be a rick ross diss he’s the biggest identity thief in hip-hop

    • ahiphopheadsince92

      You aint neva lied.

    • Dafuq

      Ain’t that the truth tho. I was listening to music on google play all access and a random Rick Floss song came on and the hook was something like “a kilo on my name sumthin sumthin sumthin”

    • Mylo

      I hate a liar more than I hate a thief, a thief is only after my salary, a liar after my reality…. – 50 cent

  • donny

    keep it competitive, love it

  • Lil Kim made HARDCORE … Classic album… Nicki first album was trash and the second was “reloaded” so it really wasn’t an album… The pressures own for nicki… Sophomore jinx?

    • eastpointvet

      nicki is on her 3rd album head back to google

      • You would say pink Friday reloaded is an album? It had five additional songs… That’s like an ep of throw aways…

        • I’m the Supreme ♛

          Pink Friday Roman Reloaded was a completely different album than the first. Shows how much shit you actually don’t know.

        • Burns

          Nah it was a full album of new shit.

        • eastpointvet

          nah bruh roman reloaded is a different album like i said head back to google

    • I’m the Supreme ♛

      her first album went Triple Platinum. Only female hip hop album above hers as far as sales go is Lauryn Hill’s.

    • GetReal

      biggie wrote that whole shit

    • Co

      BIG wrote hardcore she needs new ghostwrites and Kim works with the man that discovered nicki minaj fendi i think he be the one doiin this out of hate for nicki

  • ahiphopheadsince92

    Big Homie—> “oh boy. make it stop”. Nah my nigga hiphop needs that competitive nature back!

  • lil kim tryna put back the pieces together which was once her career

  • eastpointvet

    can’t front this track is the best kim has sounded in a min but she need to get off the beef it aint helping her at all

  • Lil Kim keeps Nicki on her toes if you really take a look at the large picture.

  • Dafuq

    Aside from being female music, since I’m pretty sexist, these niggas in hip hop need to battle more n shit and stop being Sesame Street friends.

  • Ocho

    The song was pretty cool… Putting Nicki Minaj on the cover is the only way ppl would still click on a lil kim song tho… I see the marketing move.. It was barely a diss track… actually.. It wasn’t a diss track at all lol.. Genius

  • james dean

    This is no way a j dilla beat

    • Extra Fahrali

      I think they sampled a dilla beat. you hear the DILLA DILLA DILLA beats int he background but the producer tried to mute it as much as possible.

  • el jim chapo guzman

    Little kim needs to go learn how to be a mother. FUCK all that hip hop shit you old news now bitch.

  • Sean Power

    if only lil kim would put the effort she puts in diss nicki in to making a hit song, she would have chance of getting her crown back, time to let it go kim

  • This “song” is garbage -_______-
    Kim needs to stop beefing with herself and put the mic up because the only person these diss records are affecting is her. All they do is call attention to how washed up and envious she is.

  • Sean Price

    this is ASS!

  • DaKritik

    Message to Kim.. this would be a dope record if it wasnt aimed directly at Nicki. You’re a Hip Hip Legend and her 15min is almost up!

  • dollabeelz


  • Bighustle

    This woulda went harder had Kim had some better people in the stu with her. A more fiery delivery and a better mix woulda done this track some justice. Instead she sounds tired and the whole thing seems rushed.

  • Nickey38

    Remy Ma is home. That’s all that matters now. Kim and Nicki were beefing in her absence, but Remy gonna make you forget all about that shit.