New Video: Spesh x Kool G Rap “The Meeting”


Son Of A Gun.

Spesh and G Rap give whole new meaning to a meet-and-greet in their new video directed by Kool G Rap himself. The DJ Premier-produced track is off the upcoming Son Of G Rap. Duck!

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  • .Trillion.

    That was pretty dope

  • Y’all on a god damn roll today!!!! Posting this good essence hip hop!!!! Got the old head g rap on the blog!!!! Yeeeeaaaaaau pops would shit a brick if I he saw this.

  • el jim chapo guzman

    I wish these old head rappers stop rapping, and do something else like help little stay off the streets.


      Yeah, they should stop trying to make music & be successful and become one of these self hating black loser’s on these sites who hates other people doing something positive!!!!! Never mind the Rolling Stones, Tom Jones & countless other WHITE artists who still make music & “Their” people don’t tell them to stop doing what they do even thought they are in their 60’s almost 70 years old!!!!!

      • el jim chapo guzman

        What the phuck did kool g rap ever did for the black community nothing. All that gangster rapping at 56 years old ain’t teaching the youths shit.

        • blackholesurfer

          still raps better than all these new niggas coughh cough MMG cough cough YMCB. you cant fuck with Kool G bro nigga still spittin.

          • el jim chapo guzman

            yeah you right them niggas ain’t spitting like kool g… kool g is the realist gangster rapper of all time. rick ross and them other cats fake.. but i can’t knock there hustle..


          Correct me if I’m wrong aren’t you & wac DICKEHEAD 50 CENTS personal ass & car washer’s?!?!?! Please tell me what he’s done so great for the Black Community?! Kool G Rap was an inspiration for a lot of legendary mc’s, it’s not one celebrities job to raise someone else’s kids. What the fuck are you teaching the youths?, how to sit on your ass & hate on other peoples grind?!?!

          • el jim chapo guzman

            Nigga fif Flies to Somalia to Help Feed 1 Billion Hungry People get your facts right nigga. Fif Wants To Feed A Billion Kids In Africa. Kool g rap haven’t even thrown a block party. So what the fuck you talking about?

  • LP1087

    Dude fell back to long, I was rockin’ w/ em tho. He keep this up and i’ll circle back

  • Free Slowbuck’s Chain!

    this shit is hard