New Video: Spesh x Kool G Rap “The Meeting”


Son Of A Gun.

Spesh and G Rap give whole new meaning to a meet-and-greet in their new video directed by Kool G Rap himself. The DJ Premier-produced track is off the upcoming Son Of G Rap. Duck!

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  • .Trillion.

    That was pretty dope

  • Y’all on a god damn roll today!!!! Posting this good essence hip hop!!!! Got the old head g rap on the blog!!!! Yeeeeaaaaaau pops would shit a brick if I he saw this.

  • el jim chapo guzman

    I wish these old head rappers stop rapping, and do something else like help little stay off the streets.


      Yeah, they should stop trying to make music & be successful and become one of these self hating black loser’s on these sites who hates other people doing something positive!!!!! Never mind the Rolling Stones, Tom Jones & countless other WHITE artists who still make music & “Their” people don’t tell them to stop doing what they do even thought they are in their 60’s almost 70 years old!!!!!

      • el jim chapo guzman

        What the phuck did kool g rap ever did for the black community nothing. All that gangster rapping at 56 years old ain’t teaching the youths shit.

        • blackholesurfer

          still raps better than all these new niggas coughh cough MMG cough cough YMCB. you cant fuck with Kool G bro nigga still spittin.

          • el jim chapo guzman

            yeah you right them niggas ain’t spitting like kool g… kool g is the realist gangster rapper of all time. rick ross and them other cats fake.. but i can’t knock there hustle..


          Correct me if I’m wrong aren’t you & wac DICKEHEAD 50 CENTS personal ass & car washer’s?!?!?! Please tell me what he’s done so great for the Black Community?! Kool G Rap was an inspiration for a lot of legendary mc’s, it’s not one celebrities job to raise someone else’s kids. What the fuck are you teaching the youths?, how to sit on your ass & hate on other peoples grind?!?!

          • el jim chapo guzman

            Nigga fif Flies to Somalia to Help Feed 1 Billion Hungry People get your facts right nigga. Fif Wants To Feed A Billion Kids In Africa. Kool g rap haven’t even thrown a block party. So what the fuck you talking about?

      • DDay

        GTFOH, those dudes you mentioned don’t talk about street shit as if they are 18. They make love and soft songs. Stop comparing the incomparable dude! There is no 70 year old who listens to hip hop, black or white period. I certainly won’t be listening to it when I hit that age. Andre 3000 said it best, rapping after 40 is just a Nono. But we all know what these dudes are trying to do, they didn’t save up for a rainy day and now they have to cling on to the only way they know how to make money, i.e rapping at 50. GTFOH with all that bullshit, this ain’t role models if they can’t even save some to save their lives. None of these dudes would still be rapping if they had the stacks they once had. Alas, they are not Jay-Z or 50 when it comes to that.

    • DDay

      I know right. This dude is like what – 50. Still talking about Mafioso shit as if he is 18. Let it go G Rap, the legacy is more important than the few grands you getting here n there. Hip hop is for young heads just like you once were.

      • el jim chapo guzman

        I agree the legacy is more important than a few dollars.

  • LP1087

    Dude fell back to long, I was rockin’ w/ em tho. He keep this up and i’ll circle back

  • Free Slowbuck’s Chain!

    this shit is hard