New Music: DJ Khaled Ft. Chris Brown, August Alsina, Future & Jeremih “Hold You Down”

hold you down

Another One.

Khaled’s been providing the sumer anthems and this time he takes it down a notch on his new single with some familiar faces in R&B. I Changed A Lot is coming soon, but in the meantime purchase the track on iTunes now.


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  • Future must have wrote this song or it was originally one of his throw away songs..
    it was really unnecessary, he doesn’t fit.

    Throwing that shit in the middle ain’t covering shit up Khaled lol.

  • Your Best Friend

    Produced by Bkorn, Lee on the Beats, and LDB**

  • facts

    was it necessary to have three different singers lol they all sound the same

    • Theodore Pendergrass

      Thought i was the only one notice that, aleast one shoulda stood out.

  • winnin

    future starting to sound garbage same sound gotta get back to pluto

  • pienman

    its ok… a bit of different from the homie #wethebest

  • Good for the moment song. Not #TIMELESS

    Should’ve been incredible judging by the amount of talent on the record but nope, just R&B niggas sounding like Hip-Hop instead of sounding like R&B.

    Future must chill. All the way. That was a blonde dread verse. Smh.

  • el jim chapo guzman

    this is bull shit why so many RNB fake thugs on one track…khaled is getting worst no more lucky hit singles with rozay, mmg is cold on these streets. khaled went back to drawing board and came up with this bull shit. Chris Brown, August Alsina, Future & Jeremih, were the fuck rozay at.

    • Khaled puts Rozay on single – everybody complains same formula. Khaled tries something a bit different – people still complain.

      Your point don’t even make sense you brought up MMG outta no where your asking for Ross knowing full well you would’ve hated either way.

      You got no critisicm for the track apart from how apparently they’re acting like thugs?

      Personally I feel there’s too many people on the track however it ain’t a bad one ladies will enjoy this it wasn’t targeted to you anyway so again..

      Whats your point sir?????

      • el jim chapo guzman

        Question how Khalid gonna perform this on stage?

  • .Trillion.

    lol who does this guy think he is

  • Buc Nasty

    Another one…straight to the trash

  • intelligentsoul

    *written by Icejjfish…

  • wow

    ya’ll nigaz be wayyyyyy too judgemental… He goes away from the Ross, Drake, Wayne formula and come’s with this and nigaz have a problem with the # of singers, and future, I dont get it…the Mash up’s are khaleds thing and have always been. Mind you the niga has been winning with this formula for years. Stop hatin!

  • jimj87

    Drake & Khaled collab>