New Music: Mike Davis Ft. KeKe Palmer x Meek Mill “About A Dollar”


Money Issues.

With Meek Mill on an involuntary vacation, Dreamchasers’ Mike Davis holds things down alongside actress KeKe Palmer. On the track, the trio use their cash to fund their exploits. But as always, dreams are worth more than money,

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  • MrAfrika

    Sounds good!

  • KooKooCal

    this shit dope AF.. Holdin down DC while the El Chapo on a stint. I fucks with it

  • KooKooCal

    & I though Ross was gonna hold the team down… Guess not

    • Jesus niggas always gotta mention BO$$ name ffs

    • The Incredible Creation

      i mean, Ross isn’t on DreamChasers soooo…. =/ zZzZz lol

  • This shit WAVY. Everybody bodied. Should’ve been a Meek single Lol

    About to get more familiar with Mike Davis though. #DC #TIMELESS

    • Yea Yea

      Agreed 1000%.
      Shit’s dope and smooth as fuck. Keke Palmer came on the track talkin that shit… she bad as shit lol

  • Vurbz Fenomeno

    i fux with this

  • LouieV 9-9-14

    Snitch boy Meek hiding in Protective Custody…scared of population..smh..fuck this music..

    • el jim chapo guzman

      I could tell you never been in jail. When you a celebrity like meek you automatically get role into protective custody idiot.

  • The Incredible Creation