New Video: Lupe Fiasco x Ty Dolla $ign “Next To It”

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Lets Do It.

Parading around more than enough ladies, Lupe gets ratchet alongside Ty Dolla $ign in his brand new video. Lupe’s Tetsuo & Youth is up next.

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  • Fire

    This shit is fuckin awful, Lupe Fiasco is a prime example of how someone can kill their own career.

    • cmonhomiewemajor

      you dont understand the concept of the video?

      • datbul

        I think he meant awfully sonically, not conceptually.

    • Kevin Banks

      Lupe is owned by his label, he got a bad deal hopefully once he is out he will get back to that fire he came in the game with

  • JReezy

    I understand there’s a message involved in this but the way this dude presents concepts these days is garbage. I don’t have hope for this album. Catchy as fuck though, can’t lie.

    • marty mcfly

      You mad at the way Lupe conveys a concept but 99% of these other niggas have no concept of anything period and on top of that they raps is garbage.

      • JReezy

        And? I don’t give a fuck about these other niggas. I’m only concerned with how the music of the artists I like listening to is changing or evolving. I like Lupe and I understand that he’s an artist that more often than not wants you to delve beneath the surface to get what he’s trying to say. With that said, this song is still wack. The way he conveyed his messages on shit like F&L or The Cool is better.

        • marty mcfly

          If the song is wack then just dont listen but Lupe aint gonna deliver some deep message you can delve into every time he raps cause in general everything in life doesn’t involve a message. Things look better with bitches next to it. Thats the message and its true judging by how companies could sell you a bag a shit as long as a bitch his holding it.

          • JReezy

            I know that’s the message, among other things touched upon in the song. His messages are there, the presentation is just wack to me. As far as listening to the song, I’ll listen to it anytime the mood strikes me because as I said, it’s catchy as fuck. I’m only giving my thoughts on it as a whole in this one instance. It’s not like I need to keep harping on the fact that this doesn’t appeal to me as much as I’d like.

  • DVader

    Lupe is a genius

  • Ptone

    Lupe is the greatest…always a meaning and a message


  • Shawn Carter


  • Go

    Tetsuo Season ⚡️

    So stoked about this album!!!!!

    Commons nobodys smiling is album if the year so far

  • .Trillion.

    not bad

  • ME

    this is a refreshing joint…!!

  • Jkrew

    Dope video. I can imagine this playing on MTV and niggas watching cuz of all the girls but subliminally getting some knowledge.

  • glocular

    Nigga my hood feel like heaven with third world’s next to it.

    Truth. All about perspective.

  • MassConglom

    Love how he made a commercial track and still kept it within his style of music. This dope right here TY$ did his thang too.

  • konflick

    concept was dope and so true . it’s sayin somethin

  • Everybody

    He’ll be disgruntled when his album doesn’t sell and go on a social network rant like he always does. These reverse psychology concepts are getting mad boring. He wants the money and fame just like everybody else. Don’t be fooled by his “conscious” approach. I’ll stick to F&L Lupe.

    • marty mcfly

      He was mad cause he finished his album and I didnt come out until 3 years later and as far as money and fame? He had that before he even had an album out. The moment he was featured on Touch The Sky with Kanye West the money and fame was there. By the time Kick Push came out, he was swimming in money and fame. He delivered The Cool concept at the height of all his money and fame and alot of niggas got the message. #Mission accomplished

      • datbul

        Marty, didn’t know you were a Lu fan.

        • marty mcfly

          Im a fan of dope music and yeah Lupe falls in that category. I dont know whether it makes a difference if somebody is a fan or not cause most people are fans when somebody is hot and not fans once their not. Thats usually what equates to most people’s fan status. As far as Lupe and his lyrics or conscious based material? If that is still a question in peoples mind then idk what to tell them. Now if somebody is a conscious rapper, should they want money and fame? Of course because those things help for a person that whats to be an artist with commercial visibility. Lupe however has maintained his messages and lyricism better then most.

          • datbul

            Definitely agree. Personally, Lu’s my favorite rapper of all time. I actually don’t really care for this song, but it has nothing to do with his “consciousness being in question”. Lol. Lu has been consistent with his messages since F&L. I’m just really not feeling this track. Regardless, I think Lu is the greatest lyricist of all time and one of the greatest rappers of all time. My favorite rap song of all time is ‘Streets On Fire’. That is a hip-hop masterpiece.

          • Everybody

            But let’s be honest Lupe does lose sight every once in awhile and comes off bitter and emotional when shit isn’t going his way or his records aren’t resonating with the American public. I agree that he’s an amazing lyricist though.

          • datbul

            Sensitive, bitter, jaded and emotional. I agree 100%.

  • gg

    dat morbidly obese dude stuffin his face w salad. lost it.

    • Jkrew

      dude’s eating

  • thatruth

    still at the bottom with a million next to it cuz a million aint shit with a billion next to it


  • thatruth

    the kid with the milk. *dead*

  • MrAfrika

    Finally Lupe!

  • John Dope

    Don’t sleep on BoosieBadazz new album “Td2Ch” .. Sep 23rd..going to be fire!! already got some songs released from it “Crazy” “Lifestyle” “Rain” “Show da world remix” “she want some” “Pray for me” oh I forgot to dollar sign my bad “No flex zone !!” Lol

  • kaneda


  • el jim chapo guzman

    Get this bull shit the fuck outta here niggas who’s posting comments talking about this dope, you’re motherfuckers need some binoculars.

  • stacks

    good song….and the video is pretty dope.

  • IamChinoDollaz

    Nothing you can say bad about this one…

  • Kevin Banks

    I was just bumping Lupe The Jedi mixtape and Farenheit 1/15 series this is nice but you can tell Lupe has lost his hunger for rapping. “Signed sealed illest label deal in the city”…. I guess not quite, dude used to be one of the best now you can tell the passion is gone but he is still better than 99% of mainstream rappers today. I’m just hoping he is saving some ill verses for when he finishes his deal and goes independent.

  • G

    That n*gga was play the f.. out that violin.. good shi Lupe