• The Rock says

    “I used to listen to Lauryn Hill nd tap my feet, then the bitch put out a CD nd aint have no beats”, is all I could think of when I saw them hug

  • Mylo

    They musically dead… The crowd was so quite… This wasn’t the OVO fest that wasn’t drake… 50 and Lauren hill only have one classic album not 6 like Ross! There so musically cold right now, they had to he can’t even go gold on a mixtape to his hit show… And I actually like 50 – real talk future comments.

    • DG

      Nigga sit down

    • REALLY23

      u sound like a clown

    • IgnorantWisdom

      Ross just have 1 and a half classic album yet

    • REALLY23

      Ross only classic is Rich Forever

    • Kenny

      your trippin. there is other videos from different camera angles and you can hear the crowd a lot more. everyone actually cheered more for g-unit than they did when drake first came out so please just shut your hating ass up.

      • It’s Just Music

        jesus christ can’t you guys read his full comment?

        no one understands sarcasm?

    • KILLA

      The hate is strong in you nigga, really its quite sad. You clearly were not watching the video as the crowd was lively and hype as hell. I’m assuming you’re a troll. Rinse Rick Ross dick out your mouth. SMH.

    • bcro31

      Lol they Dont understand your sarcasm.

  • b r z a

    this was was dope minus Kid Kid or whatever his name is

    • GetReal

      you said his name right….really aint that hard to remember if you been paying attention to anything g-unit has be doing

      • b r z a

        I have been for the past 10 years. he’s a “replacement”

        • Kenny

          how is he a replacement?

        • Kenny

          if you mean game then you obviously havent listened to them for 10 years or you would have known game was only signed with g-unit records through a joint venture deal with aftermath and he got to do songs with 50 because of his relationship with dre but he wasn’t part of g-unit as an official group member. the real members are 50 banks buck yayo.

        • Dwight Stewart

          Kidd Kidd is already one more songs with G-Unit than Game ever was.

  • REALLY23

    Kid Kid a ol’ funny lookin’ nicca

  • .Trillion.


  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Good to see FIF & Banks. Its a G-UNIT Summer !

  • LOL

    you know it’s bad when they need Drake to gain some sort of relevancy.

    • bcro31

      Another stupid comment. They were special guest to his show. Out of all the people Drake brought out to his event, g unit was the only one that was trending on twitter for that night. The crowd went crazy when What up gangsta came on good lord.

    • Dwight Stewart

      nigga what? Did Lauryn Hill, Usher, YG, DJ Khaled and everyone else at OVO fest need Drake to gain relevancy too? Drake brought G-Unit out last for a reason…and they got the biggest reaction of the night.

  • Dwight Stewart

    Did you hear that Drake fans? Drake said without 50 Cent him and his peers wouldn’t be here. He said 50 Cent revolutionized hip-hop and music before bowing down before him!

    • bcro31

      Haters will try to re-write history when it comes to 50 cent. They cant help themselves.

  • el jim chapo guzman

    Ggggggggunit the motherfuckin truth fif drop that g unit album, that what the streets is waiting for.

  • T-Realz

    Drake told Ross and French Montana they had to stay home. LOL Ross had to stay home from Summer Jam too while all his friends were there. G-Unit summer in full effect!

  • Hope they keep these vids up, let people get to know their personalities a little better especially Banks

  • tipp0183

    so 50’s not gonna make a new hit?