New Music: ILoveMakonnen x Drake “Tuesday”


7 Days.

Drake’s got a penchant for collaborating with new artists. And today, he adds his vocals to Atlanta neophyte ILoveMakonnen’s, track. Produced Sonny Digital and Metro Boomin, Makonnen’s vocals may take some getting used to. Either way, Tuesday’s just got a bit more interesting.

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  • Tee

    Damn drake is a problem he can flip on anything damn the boy lengendary

    • Brian B.Dot™ Miller

      Is it just me or does Makonnen’s voice sound like the old pervert guy from Family Guy?

      • The Weirdo

        you quite right…its quite similar

      • Tee

        Ha he’ll yeah

      • LMAO

      • b r z a

        *deep sigh* lol this is so bad and his vocals are so out of key this has to be a joke right

      • cannon

        with a little bit of jj fish of course

      • el jim chapo guzman

        Aye b dot stop clowning niggas.

      • realtalk82

        holy fuck that was funny

  • Hmm… Not quite sure how I feel about this joint yet… Gotta hear it in the car first!

  • The Rock says


  • Qu’rel Judson

    50/50 but I knw if Drake wasn’t on it, I would’ve “Set It Off” slang this shit out my car window lol…


    This shit is beyond crazy seeing this dude ILoveMakonnen get a feature from Drake let alone “make it.” I use to always see iLovePwnage promote this dude music for years, and I’m like what the fuck is this trash? The only song I fucked with from him was “Sneaky Lady” it was odd but I liked it. LOL Seriously, this is why if you truly believe your stuff is “hot” when tons of people think it’s trash keep at it, somebody somewhere might actually think it’s “good.” I can’t even hate on dude I first hand have seen his grind. As for the song it’s aight with Drake being on it I’m sure it will get tons of spotlight.

    • Real talk, fam.

    • Brian B.Dot™ Miller

      that’s a good way of looking at it.

  • Drake stays co-singing atlanta artists.. give this man a day fuck it

  • The Incredible Creation
  • Samsohn

    Drake is the biggest clown ever. He appeals to people that will NEVER be hip-hop fans. What’s the result? You have hip-hop artists who would never go down the lanes that Drake goes down, and that really ruins the genre, because there aren’t any rappers out there representing the struggle of the inner cities; which is what created hip-hop. Now we have a situation where the labels and corporations won’t give any money or sponsorship deals to any of the older ‘street’ rappers, which they did in the 90’s. Companies only give money and commercials to clowns like Drake and Macklemore. The result is that hip-hop has become so overly watered down, that the heart is gone. Drake is not the person responsible, but he’s just so emblematic of the genre’s decline. My biggest issue with him is that he tries to be hard, mentions things like guns and killings, and then turns around and does songs like this.
    And people may say I hate, and that I spend too much time worrying about Drake. But I care about the genre genuinely. I like the commercial exposure of hip-hop the past 5-6 years, but I think that far too many artists have sold their soul to the industries.

    • yimmy

      oh shut the hell up.

      • Brian B.Dot™ Miller


        • TMT/TBE Management

          I remember the first anniversary that was skyped. I admit I haven’t been visiting this site as much as I had originally started, but the fact a lead author like B.Dot is commenting and responsive to the threads.. Its dope. I’ll be on Double R more often even while I’m being Chaffered in my Double R.

          • Samsohn

            B.Dot as a lead author is like saying Future is an awesome rapper!! LOL

          • Earl Big Lips

            Hey, Samsohn!
            Kill yourself!

          • Samsohn

            LOL wow!! this guy Earl Big Lips is getting all tough talking behind a computer because I hurt his feeling talking about Drake!! are you a girl?

        • Samsohn

          nice educated response idiots – if you seriously look at the exposure of hip-hop in the 90’s when artists weren’t former Disney channel actors the genre was making more money, had bigger stars, and the music was timeless – now, the music is trash, the artists are all legends in their own minds only, and the majority of fans are teenagers

    • GetReal

      shut the fuck up you didn’t say shit in your whole novel of a comment

      • b r z a


      • Samsohn

        not my fault you can’t read shit

    • It’s Just Music

      no one is on drakes level. no rappers CAN go down drake’s lane since they are talentless.
      no one wants to hear about the struggle. thats why no one is buying it.

      “but only women and suburban teens buy drake’s music” well cool, then get some stuck in the 90s hip hop heads to buy albums then.

      drake talked about killing and guns on headlines. and he was referring to his crew doing it not him.

      Drake is what hip hip stands for. Being yourself.

      if you want music about the struggle, how about you make some money to get out of the struggle than hating with essay’s on rap radar?

      • Theodore Pendergrass

        U trippin, Get off Drake nut sack.

      • Samsohn

        see THIS is what I mean – people like you suck off drake soooo damn much that you have other talented rappers trying to sing in autotune and rap about emo shit – rappers DO NOT try to do their own unique thing, as hip-hop should be, because all artists are going for the dollar, and the industries are NOT paying artists for doing their own thing…the labels want the next Nikki and the next Drake – it’s complete bullshit

        • It’s Just Music

          Drake is talented. more talented than others, why are you hating on that so much?
          Some people just got it some people don’t.
          K Dot ain’t trying to sing. He is in his own lane and killing it.
          Same with Cole.
          Three future legends all doing their own thing with all different styles that contradict everything you say.

          This can go on and on/

          Drake does him and other people try to copy. Is that drake’s fault?

          sorry to break it to you, but this isn’t the 90s any more.
          There are less people in the slums in the projects, and more people dealing with everyday situations dealing with relationships and introspective thoughts. Why is that bad?

          I was around for 90s hip hop. It was cool, it was real, it dealt with real situations of that time period.

          It is a new day, a new age, a new era, and a new sound.

          • the-Lebron-curse.

            The be a bitch era a complain about girls leaving you and crying on track? No thanks I’ll stick to the struggle.

          • It’s Just Music

            I would argue with you but truth is, Drake is winning and is making great music. period. there is no way you can argue against that.

            90s rap is also not coming back anytime soon. all the hateful comments can’t stop progression.

      • Earl Big Lips

        Sorry It’s Just music,
        Your music intelligence is below average.

      • the-Lebron-curse.

        Drake= your mom’s vagina

    • Theodore Pendergrass

      Nothing wrong with what u said Bro, That was well thought out. technology made people lazy where 90 or 80’s artists poured there heart and soul into their craft. Some still do but with so many shortcut results are subpar beat and lyrics,(dumbdown lyric)=pop music. This phase won’t last long.

      • Samsohn

        appreciate it bro, but I think this is the new norm, with the pop/hip-hop line being so blurred that there is no mainstream difference

    • Earl Big Lips

      Sorry Samsohn,
      You played yourself!

  • leo

    Drake versatility is so scaryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • Happy Birthday Kendrick Lamar “Control” Verse!

    • Brian B.Dot™ Miller


  • Chronic

    This shit is garbage…I’ve been saying it. Drake only co-signs wack ass artists to make himself seem more talented

  • ayye

    this some shit i would do the stanky leg too .pause

  • Von

    Wow, what Drake did here was crazy! Delivery/Cadence/Flow/Lyrics all on point! This kids is what we call: IN THE POCKET!

  • Donn

    We came for Drizzy verse!!!

  • .Trillion.

    drake at no 1 again, he is the new eminem

    • the-Lebron-curse.

      Scratching my mutha fuckin head. WHAT?

  • Capuccino


  • poetmm .

    Drake album coming in 2015 he dropping verse till that time, can’t hate him for it he is telling everyone it is his season.

  • realtalk82

    I gave this a chance and Drake was the reason it is hot I will be very honest. Other than that this is garbage. Period

    • Samsohn

      Drake drops 8 bars in the same high pitch bullsht as the rest of the song and THAT is what makes the song hot – – like I said in my other post – THIS is why hip-hop is in the horrible state it’s in – people don’t even listen to this shit

      • realtalk82

        I agree man hope your not getting my comment twisted, when I said it was hot I mean I played the record thinking it was hot because “The Internet” was praising it by comments on multiple websites and posted it as a “Drake Remix” so played it for that reason hoping for a dope track, I heard the singing in the beginning thinking WTF is this, then heard Drizzy start singin his part he did kinda save the record a bit but it was trash from the get go. I will never listen to this shit again let’s be clear. He is still the reason why it’s so popular right now as sad as that really is.

        • Samsohn

          yeah bro – I totally misunderstood you – I get what you’re saying, the blogs make it hot before there’s an organic demand for the music from the customers and then a lot of the listeners tune in and are shaking their heads in disappointment

  • Kinggirl

    Song makes you feel indifferent cuz its original …everybody so use to hearing the same shit all the time. I respect it

  • kwazs

    Listen to exclusive, maneuvering,and too much from his latest project. I need more suburban rap , so n##ga’s can teach me how to drop and ipo,not set up an appointment with a co.

  • Hannibal Lecture

    Fuck Drake Pete Rock is on KDot’s sophomore! #nuffsaid

  • Duane Mecca Johnson

    Man this go y’all just not use to shit that sound different yeah am here for drake but this other dude has a unique sound now watch the world jock!

  • BEE

    Drake so fucking versatille damn!

  • the-Lebron-curse.

    Wow and people really defend this girl?

  • el jim chapo guzman

    i kind of figure this was going to make it on the top 5 cause it ft.drake..

  • SD #ash Tag

    People ain’t hating cuz it sounds “different” people hating cuz that motherfucker Can’t sing one Damn fuckin bit.

  • James Dean

    Drake steals all underground songs and makes it his own to where no one will remember who the original person was on the record. I.e Soulja Boy, Tinashe (He tried with 2on), Migos & now this guy. If you watch every interview with each one of the original artist they will all say that they didnt know drake was going to actually do it. Hes the new living Elvis. Act like you dont know but you will know soon enough. Call me a hater, ill accept that.

  • Not a bad song…Drake saved it though..let’s be honest…lol

    If you need any graphic work done; album & mixtape covers, brand logos, flyers + more, HMU on IG & Twitter @gwill89gfx.

    Also gotta clothing line, @endlessambition_streetwear str8 outta H-Town.

  • Samsohn

    This article shows why hip-hop lost…features give people plaques and all of the sudden Nicki has more top100 tracks than the King…ridiculous…

  • dollabeelz

    The original must be the most unlikely hit of the year..sounds trash first listen but if im turnt up and this comes on..

  • Legendofstaanyloco

    Read the articles on that boy Makonnen, he did a bid and started doing music to stay sane. Taught himself how to play instruments, work a board, flow, sing. Started from the bottom now he hea

  • James Dean

    Drake and Jhene Aiko = Melodyne King & Queen