New Music: Wiz Khalifa x Nicki Minaj “True Colors”

blacc hollywood

Color Me Badd.

Wiz and Nicki’s true colors shine through on this pop friendly collaboration set to appear on Blacc Hollywood. On the Nicki’s verse, she says that she can’t wait to unveil the cover to The Pinkprint. Hopefully it follows this blueprint.Wiz’s Blacc Hollywood drops next Tuesday.

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  • I’m probably in the minority when I say this but Wiz is one of them cats that if he made a good song, I’ll play it for a couple of weeks I guess, it’s cool or if he made a bad song it’s whatever, I never was a true fan… So far as this song, it’ll prolly get some spins from me, I can dig the melody to it! I’ve still yet to check out a full album or mixtape by this guy yet. To me, he’s in the same boat as Meek Mill; a hit or miss.

    • West West

      His best and most cohesive work until today is Kush and OJ!!! Check it out it is one of the best Mixtapes of 2010!

      • Chronic

        Taylor allderdice and the first cabin fever both are two of my favorite mixtapes. Kills me hearing wiz over some of these wack beats he uses now

        • prince of the city I & II. show & prove. listen to those.

        • Mr. Real Talk

          You nailed it!!! Those are his best works to me as well. I mean kush and orange juice is nice too, but I like cabin fever and Taylor Allderdice

    • The Incredible Creation

      yeah, he puts together pretty good mixtapes and his last album wasn’t too bad… not sure if i heard the first one yet.. but definitely give the ‘tapes a listen… he’s definitely one of those artists who was better “before the major-deal”.. this particular song sounds like he’s shooting for that “pop-sound” tryna appeal to the “masses” ..can’t blame him tho.. get the money!

      • Billy Kincaid

        Wiz’s mixtapes and albums are catered to two different target audiences. Just roll with the one you like. If you happen to like both (like me), then buy the album. Simple.

    • Bruh Meek always hittin’ in dese streets

      • Good thing I don’t live on the streets then. : )

  • polopolo1

    Gawwwwwwwwwd, I dare this bitch to drop something tolerable like I really dare this bitch

  • The Incredible Creation

    soon as i saw the title i thought of
    Phil Collins – “True Colours” ….lol “i see your truuuuee cooolloorrss and thats why i love yooou” ..lmao zZzZz sleep tho..

    • Theodore Pendergrass


  • YoungRichNigga

    the album got leaked and i listened it… except the Raw, The Sleaze, We Dem Boyz Remix and House In The Hills.. album is trash… wheres The Weeknd?, wheres Big Sean?, where’s Drake… i mean youre not making mixtape. thats an album. And you put Project Pat, Chevy Woods and Ghost Loft on that… even 28 Grams was better than that not to mention how ONIFC was a great album.

    • fuckthisshit

      Hopefully big sean is cast out into porn where his lane should have been. dude has had like 4 good raps in his entire career. gtfoh with that pop artist love. rap is supposed to be anti pop not embracing it for single buys and radio play. rap music is supposed to be good because it catches on because people share the same sentiment and the beat is good. not because you grab a top 40 artist for a feature and get a producer to make a melody that sounds good for the first ten listens then starts to make your ear drums bleed. such horrible music and helping to shovel more dirt into raps grave.

      • Mr. Real Talk

        You obviously NEVER heard the Detroit mixtape or Finally Famous. Big sean be killing it sometimes. Not to mention he killed that control verse. It just got overshadowed my Kendrick naming niggas

  • 400_Degreez

    So far, Blacc Hollywood sounds like a soundtrack to a teen movie

  • trash can

    This nigga takes a big L. He forgot who his fans are.

  • yeahthatstrue

    Lets be real the only reason he is doing a song with her is for radio play and single buys. Most artists like wiz and nicki and wayne no longer care about their craft. They just care if they please the label who pleases their pockets. I hate what rap has become over the last 7 years or so.

    • Chronic

      Theres mad good underground shit goin on though…just gotta find it

      • i play a lot of global indie and underground artists on my show and i ironically interviewed wiz on my last episode. listen 🙂

        • Chronic

          Yo, your show is actually really good. You just got a subscription on your podcast.

          • the feedback is much appreciated. thank you 🙂

    • Theodore Pendergrass


  • Marley71

    Wiz did what is to be expected of this feature. Nicki didn’t show up. I guess those are her true colors? She just did album promo on his album feature, instead of bringing the modicum of wordplay.

  • Guest

    i interviewd wiz on the latest episode of my podcast #inthemixwithshoom. take a listen.

  • i interviewed wiz on the last episode of my podcast #inthemixwithshoom
    take a listen 🙂

  • dont hate on my onions

    trash bags

  • el jim chapo guzman

    Wiz is the new drake. I’m afraid wiz album might be horrible because he’s singing nowadays more then rapping.

  • MassConglom

    It’s not as bad as I thought it would be.
    5.House in The Hills
    6.Ass Drop(minus the hook part,lol)
    7.Raw(this 1 probably the hardest track)
    8.So High(it’s Aight)
    9.The Sleaze(Kinda like the flow on this 1)
    10.So High(It’s not that bad)
    12.No Gain(happy sounding but chill, I like it)
    14.We Dem Boys Remix(my favorite track)

    The rest of them tracks are too pop for me.

  • BEE

    Luv wiz n his chill music!!