New Video: YT Triz x Bobby Shmurda “How Can I Lose”

Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 12.20.41 PM

Will Not Lose.

Losing isn’t an option for YT Triz. And with Bobby Shmurda tagging along, the pair turn nothing in to something in their new video. Hey haters, the single’s on iTunes now. Ay, Ay, Ay.


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  • I can’t even lie…This shit is hot, nigga!

  • BK!!

    I can’t lie either….This shit is whats wrong with Hip Hop!TRASH!!!!All these clowns sound the same.

    • SD #ash Tag

      I like hot nigga cuz it gets me super hype but you’re spot on. Like 30 artist out you can’t differentiate from each other right now

  • Donn

    New York, Atlanta

  • TeF

    I’ve been a Hip Hop die-hard my entire life, and somehow on a Hip Hop site I clicked “Next” 8 times and found maybe one track that I thought was dope or worthy of being called Hip Hop. That’s 7 pages of RnB songs, New York niggaz sounding like south rappers, Drake dickriding, and garbage cats spitting garbage “bars” over typical beats! How far do I need to go back on this site? Where has all the Hip Hop gone? What the fck happened to my art? If I can’t find it on a site called RapRadar, where the fck is it? I think Nas was just early when he said Hip Hop was dead, she’s definitely dead now, that bitch took her last breath at Summer Jam.

    • Theodore Pendergrass

      My thoughts exactly, RR does give artists a platform tho, but ?????????

      • LuckyP

        yeah they give you a platform if your money is right

        • Theodore Pendergrass

          U mean B dot charging a Brother? LOL!

          • LuckyP

            WHAT?!? Well, B DOT aint shit. But his pappy elliott is charging though. LMAO. Look at the comments, niggas hate the shit they’ve been posting so its definitely not due to public demand

    • $₱₳ṝ₭≳.


    • mars

      Wait until RIPhop comes out . It’s an urban tape I’m working on

      • thats dope.

        • mars

        • mars

    • Kingly_Caracter

      Whole heartedly agree bruh… I initially don’t come here to rant and hate on these dudes music. I click play HOPING to hear something new, with an open mind… I’m disappointed day after day…

    • .Trillion.

      I feel just like you

      You ain’t gonna find a lot of good hip hop on here, only pop music and flavors of the month. RR do it for the money, not the culture.

    • PhilLee8

      Well said!

    • RapRadar caters to news and music from the mainstream industry. To find good music regardless of how popular it is. Check this out.
      This is real Hip-Hop right here:

    • mars

      Always figured I’d make a difference in the rap game. With just bars . Here’s my first song

  • Kingly_Caracter

    Ok…firstly, please…please…please…stop shooting invisible guns. Wow…I can’t take this lame shit anymore. EVERYONE can’t be gangsta…this shit has to stop. This is not about bring boom bap back or a particular sound. I simply need niggas to at least as artists, to attempt to be different. I literally can’t even differentiate accents on songs anymore. WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU FROM??? The same place? EVERYONE copies each other…There are entire careers based around remixing songs in rap. Where’s your artistic pride? I would feel dirty using another niggas shit man…I can’t be alone in this. SIgh…(End rant)

  • stilltrill

    Wtf can’t ppl understand that rap/hip hop has now widen and is more industrial now then it was b4 and there is ppl that actually like and support this type of music jus d way it has ppl that hate the type of music u like. I respect this youths beyond music think of the struggle they came from , would u prefer them killing ppl or selling drugs at least they doing something that would help them get out their struggle and help their family out, only haters wouldn’t like to see that, and if I were u fuck niggas and I see a song with an artist I don’t like I jus don’t press play, rather than wast 3-5 mins listening to it and another 2 mins to hate in a comment that the artist could give 1 fuck about, 7 mins of your time wasted, but that’s none of my business

    • Kingly_Caracter

      Bruh…Personally, I have no issue with another man feeding his family. Never will and never did. Is it wrong for me to: a) Click a song with the hopes of what I consider better music? (Keep in mind I click with an open mind) b) Hope that these dudes would say something of substance once n a while? (There is no shortage of “blood music”…lets be real) c) and dare to be different???.

      ..Honestly…That’s my job as a consumer of music to express my views, criticisms and praises. Too many people view anything other than praise to mean hate. We got so caught up in that notion, to the point we forget the concept of “CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM”. Ever heard of that? To the layman this could seem like hate…Simply because that what you seek out daily. Signs of “HATE”.

      Before you label any negative comment as hate. Try reading into the intention of the commenter and their issue. To your point…the biggest problem IS the “industrialization” of this art form. What is a rare painting worth when it’s painted and duplicated a million times by a cold heartless machine that shows no emotion? Printed paper vs a painting…Same thing with music. Volume is not everything. Quality over quantity when it comes to art bruh. Bless…And stop searching for this “HATE”…it lives in us most of the time. That’s why its always there.

      • Donn

        Niggas don’t understand that. Fuck that. U not feeding ur family at the expense of the culture that fed my soul and inspired tears, help me get through tough times. I ain’t supporting shit but that real music. Those kids who sit there for hours and days and months perfecting their cadences and trying to say something powerful to embed that feeling they felt when they heard BiG and PAC and WU Tang. That’s like saying hey if ur feeding ur family but spreading bullshit, lies, drug and blood shit to our youth it’s cool cus u feeding ur fam. Fuck that. Feed ur fam by getting a fucking job. U go to school like every one else. U can get a degree the same as me and feed ur fam. Fuck that. I wanna hear bars,

  • When people say Ross’ music is repetitive and just wack. What do yall call this??? Seriously how do people support this crap and have the cheek to say Ross is repetitive. DO YOU HEAR THIS SHIT!??

  • Judge Joe Dredd

    Who’s behind this shit? Really.

  • el jim chapo guzman

    These lil is about to change Brooklyn like how chief keef change chicago. Maino eat your heart out.

  • b r z a

    this is so bad