New Video: Freeway x The Jacka Ft. Dubb 20 x Fam Syrk “On My Toes”

Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 3.53.52 PM

Ready Or Not.

Directed by Brian Storm, Free and The Jacka keep alert in their new video featuring Dubb 20 and Fam Syrk. Highway Robbery drops September 16, but can be purchased now.

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  • NYC Shawty

    Nice song.

  • MadShot

    “What’s wrong with selling crack if you got children to feed?”

    I dont know, destroying kids for instance

  • RGeezy

    Should of left off that last cat that spit.

  • Johnny Caruso

    Young ppl let me borrow a min of your time to talk to you for a sec.because this is a hip hop site I know most of you are young 33 yrs old grew up in South Baton Rouge am a white male with a beautiful African American wife.It heart breakens me what’s going on in Ferguson Missouri.The media will spin the story two ways to have you beleive this side or that.While the main problem and the same problem across America is a population in Ferguson 80% black and a 54 police unit with just 2 black police officers.And numerous black communities around the country being policed by predominately white officers who don’t even relate to the community most of the cops don’t even live in that town.What if in Mayberry.Wisscousin.Kentucky.etc where predominately white ppl stay what if we replace the officers there with black police then maybe white America will wit essential the strong hold of power they exood on black americans..My opinion to why you see so many young black men rioting and in rage.You can only live in a neighborhood being policed and swarm by “great whites” for so long before you start to rebel..What the real issue is lack communities need to stand up especially in the south and ask for a police force that reflect there community and who also have a CONNECTION with them.Sorry if I waisted time to talk about what’s really going on in the world other than talk about hip hop..#boosietakeoversep23rd