New Video: Cam’ron “Sweetest”

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Since memories don’t live like people do, Killa reflects on lost loved ones in his new video. Big L rest in peace! The record appears on Cam’s First Of The Month Vol. 2 EP, which you can download here.

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  • Someone tell this nigga he don’t have to edit his videos on windows movie maker no more bruh

    • Brian B.Dot™ Miller

      Oh Boy was a long time ago

      • london

        b dot why you mad. BMF was a longtime ago but i dont see you talking bout rick ross in such a tone. pay homage to a great. smh

    • theOTHERandyitwaru

      the cheapness of cams videos are part of their charm

  • london

    killaaaaaaa!!!! is just that niqqa

  • Mylo

    30 something and you ain’t even open up mouth yet, social media giving cowards a outlet. – jadakiss

    • true story no lie

      You know these marks busterism shines brightly in the comment section on a regular bro.

  • el jim chapo guzman

    killa is the realest nigga in the game.

  • Who made this beat?

    • spliffjones

      I don’t know but Cam has always had that ear.

  • Duane Mecca Johnson

    Props to Camron

    If you like though provoking music google me

  • drgnation

    You kids/young adults are so ignorant, disrespectful, uncivilized, uneducated dummies. I’m TIRED of it, it causes the ISSUES we are having today with young and older urban men in our communities across this country getting KILLED my police. Learn the culture of HIP HOP have value, have substance to your LIVES enjoy the music but you can’t disrespect the REAL one’s like ME and comment on a video like this one Cam is reminiscing over all HIS losted one’s and ya’ll got jokes you UNEDUCATED DUMMIES .. GROW UP FAST and RESPECT those who came before you.. matterfact your parents are probadly my age who FAILED in LIFE by wanting nothing in LIFE but to smoke, have sex and half babies they have nothing to offer I’m 36 and LOVE HIP HOP LOVE MY CULTURE had record deals then watch my culture get FLIPPED INTO this nonsense bullshit music with NO SUBSTANCE or MERIT so if you tough or wanna so love ..HIT US via ig/twitter @drgnation call me Euro Gord! Have a SAFE weekend!! but GROWN UP

  • The Incredible Creation

    dope.. R.I.P Big L & Bloodshed | [Download] Children Of The Corn – Collector’s Edition