New Video: Vince Staples “Blue Suede”

Screen Shot 2014-08-15 at 1.05.31 PM

Black, White & Blue.

Hell Can Wait. And until the Def Jam debut arrives in full, we walk with Vince Staples and his day-to-day around the neighborhood in the project’s first video.

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  • “Ask where he from then leave his dome roofless
    Sweet Chin Music kick back, gruesome
    Watch out for Judas, Vice and G Unit
    5-0 fucking with the yayo too
    L.B.P.D. get sprayed on too”

    • Mylo

      U never told me where you was from….

      • Earl Big Lips

        I’m from Cali but I live down south now.
        This is my other account since niggas take having two accounts personal and shit.

        • Mylo

          Lmao… 4sho

          • Earl Big Lips

            Santa Ana Stand UP!

    • Earl Big Lips

      Sorry Vince Staples.
      You look Stupid with that color on!

  • spliffjones

    Ain’t no way those two hot chicks ever smile at each other.. By the way this shit dope. I love that he isn’t bragging about shit he doesn’t do like rick ross or doesn’t have to lie where he is from like Tyga. Don’t worry the hate bigade Chapo and Mac diesel will be in here soon with their unidan accounts to up vote them selves.. smh.. This song is dope..

    • true story no lie

      Hell yea honest rap is always refreshing. Fuck mac he’s a rapradar intern/ volunteer troll. Fag is paid in gratitude never a check Ha!

  • Mylo

    Claming bugsk he won’t last long.

  • el jim chapo guzman

    Is vince staples a crip?

  • WaxFiend Wesley


  • bucks

    very sick

  • AE

    this kid is gonna blow up. Same feeling I had when i heard Kendrick way back on the Kendrick Lamar lp. Such a raw flow. And dope content

  • Everybody

    This shit is for teenagers.

  • The Incredible Creation

    West Coastin’…. the video made me fuck wit the song a little more…