New Music: B.o.B. “New Black”

new black

Don’t Shoot. After catching flack for his comments regarding the Mike Brown controversy, Bobby Ray takes a moment to address the shooting and calls on the community for a positive evening.

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  • alvin

    This is hard. bob spittin the truth. our community needs to listen.

  • ERIQ D.

    Labels are urging rappers to be calm and tell ferguson to fall back. Smh fuvk that.

  • marty mcfly

    In 2015 I am suggesting that EVERY artist in Hip Hop culture make at least one song about “SOMETHING”… Hip Hop has been a way of expressing ourselves for decades now and I am asking artists to give something back in the form of music. Any artist willing to do so between now and the end of 2015, appreciated. Any artist not willing to at least make one song about “Something” in the near future? I would say is a vampire of Hip Hop culture and not a vessel of progression in it. This is my suggestion for a musical and artistic demonstration in 2015 and all Hip Hop artists involvement would be appreciated. #Conscious Rap 2015

    • marty mcfly

      and this aint about money either, this is about putting some social intelligence back into the lifeblood of Hip Hop culture in order to possibly create some form of social change in our communities. That is all

    • Burt Bacharach

      I think they will make a song about something, like gettin a lot of pussy.

    • Kingly_Caracter

      Nigga…Nigga…I been saying this shit for years. Just one fuckin song a year please.

      • marty mcfly

        Yeah one song. How many rappers is it? So it would have some effect on the culture to hear thousand of different voices all intelligently addressing an issue artistically. The thing is though rappers wanna pimp out Hip Hop culture for the fame and money but dont wanna have to give anything back to the culture. Alot of rappers dont wanna be challenged in anyway because you all about yourself and not the culture. Asking you to do one song is just too hard for you because you cant think for too long without getting a headache but then you wanna walk around in Hip Hop like you really doing something worth something.

  • Cam Newton

    BOB still talking that corporate bullshit, you can’t fix a community when the structure around the community is meant to perpetuate the violence and destruction that exist within. It’s like cleaning puss off a cut, sure it makes it look better but the underlying infection is the real problem that will ultimately destroy the body. Read a book Bobby, you live in a privileged world you are a house nigga entertaining your pop audience, go back to that. We need to address the system, that is the only way the people can be saved. Try opening a business without money, or a bank that will loan to blacks. Try going to school when your district is drawn in such a fashion that funding from taxes gives you a poorer education than your white counter part. Entertainment is only one way out of the poverty problem but the entertainers seem to forget that and think that their way out, their mentality will work in every situation. This is not the case. They fail to realize they are part of the problem no matter how loud they scream about a solution. Take this L Bobby Ray…and before the hate starts I have a JD and just took the Bar/

    • Kai

      I don’t think he is saying Entertainment is the only way out of the poverty problem.
      “We need less rappers and more doctrines
      We need less ballers and more prophets
      We need more unity, less gossip”
      I think he is stressing unity in the face of adversity.

      “All this energy that we’re putting into protesting
      We should put it into our community
      Put it into start up businesses, put it into your kids
      Put it into your community
      Start our own businesses”
      ^I see him introducing a plausible solution, while your comment on the other hand is just a mindful criticism. I believe people respond better to those with solutions than brash criticisms of the overall problem.
      This”The world against me attitude” is no good. I’m sure you didn’t make it from where you’re from to passing the bar with that attitude

      Fredrick Douglass,”If There Is No Struggle, There Is No Progress”

    • marty mcfly

      I dont think B.O.B should be held to the standard of “fixing” the problems in america. Speaking in an issue doesn’t necessarily mean that afterwards your song has to be the solving piece to the issue you addressed.

    • Can I ask what’s wrong with being a house nigga? I mean how you gon’ fix the problem by picking cotton forever? He made a huge audience by going pop and since then has released A LOT of real issue songs like this on his mixtapes and even album if you actually cared to liste. Create the opportunity by being a house nigga. Yall gon’ be picking cotton forever and we will never get anywhere bruh

      • marty mcfly

        I get your point but dont use the term “house nigga” to make it. “House nigga” usually means a black man who hates his own people to the point of defending racist white people vs his own people. Just saying

        • Oooo but yeah hopefully yall get my point

    • radio raheem


  • el jim chapo guzman

    i hate to say it but the bottom line is IT A WHITE MAN’S WORLD…

  • radio raheem


  • k.smith

    underrated song.