• Matthew Morgan

    I like this one

  • Hiphop

    He had to put game on this

  • BK James

    Good stuff… TM103 was a mixed bag, had a few really good songs and some really mediocre stuff. Seen it Up is shaping up better so should be good album.


  • true story no lie

    Jeezy pushin for album of the year

    • JINX

      HE GOT IT

  • el jim chapo guzman

    the beat fire…..jeezy killed it. gibbs ain’t spitting like that.

    • SD #ash Tag

      U would bring Gibbs into this. Jim Jones ain’t spittin at all

      • el jim chapo guzman

        So you back with that Gibbs and jim Jones shit right. Who the he’ll is Gibbs Gibbs ain’t no nobody.Gibbs ain’t even on jim jones level. Jim got vampire life reality shows.and much more what the he’ll Gibbs got.


          WAIT!!! so because Jim Jones was Cam’s hype man & had 1 hit song written by Max B & plays a “hardcore thug rapper” on a reality tv show that makes him better then Freddie Gibbs?!?!?! THANKS FOR SHOWING THE WORLD HOW MUCH OF A STUPID ASS IDIOT YOU ARE!!!!!!

          • el jim chapo guzman

            It is what it is do what you got to do. Niggas rap to get out the hood. Yes jim was cam hype man, yes max b wrote balling. But at the end of the day jimmy got outta apt 3h.

    • Rip 120

      El Chumpo is at again…lol

      • el jim chapo guzman

        You fuckin troll go listen to Bobby Shmurda .

        • Jack Paiback

          Ahh ah ahh

          • el jim chapo guzman

            Jack pauback looking like blanca from street fighter.

        • Rip 120

          El Chumpo

  • Mylo

    this is going to be a fire CD… hope he don’t suffer from releasing these songs to early…

  • 23Jman


  • LOL

    Jeezy gonna save us from all this wackness going on.

    • His TM103 might be his most underrated album!

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  • b r z a

    this is dope 4/5

  • Ced

    Sound like Ross executive produced Seen it All judging by Jeezy’s beat selection.

    • GreenBergs

      shit is weird as fuck..

      • booboo’n

        no it aint listen to trappin aint dead or trap or die 2 an even last laugh. yall just don’t know lol

    • Trillionare

      Dawg!!!!!!! I was thinking the same shit but didnt want to sound like a hater. Like he getting suggestions from Ross about beats!!!

      • Nigel

        Yooo ass drunk as hell i see huh

    • LMAO, stop it Jeezy had hot beats on his albums

  • GreenBergs

    holy ghost, didnt ross release a track with the same title…im confused by this ross dickriding, yawns*

    • guest

      so did the game and your point is? blinded by hate more like it.. *walks away*

      • damnbruhh

        game’s track was holy water. juicy j and bibby tho holy ghost. *flies away

    • lmao so ?

    • ilexx

      I think what you guys should be questioning is why these mainstream rappers naming songs with biblical references. So like three ppl have a song named Holy Ghost?!? Ridiculous.

      • Jesus’s Jesus piece

        No need to ask anything simple Its for the same reasons preachers do its profitable!!

  • “hustlemania”

    i like jeezy’s old voice

  • ShmIamRealTalk



    • Jack Paiback

      Ya man m.reck (the GOAT) has removed all anti-Mreck comments & users from Forbez so @cthagod wouldnt die laughing after researching his videos. Watch yourself, freedom of speech is no longer @forbez. You must love Mreck. Lol or get your ip blocked. fuck mreck,

    • Jack Paiback

      U know when m shrek cum Niggas shit get pushed back- that’s wat that backdoor movement is about. Finger in the gutta music. Suspect ass m shrek is the PDR extrodineer

    • HipHopObama

      They Kermit.

  • Don P

    Niggas tripping. Jeezy released 4 tracks off Seen It All. Still got 13 unreleased tracks. Ross used to release 9 of the 15 tracks on his album before that shit dropped. Jeezy playing this shit smart. We prolly get one more track the day before this shit drop.. anyway Seen It All & MKL two toughest albums thus far. CTE/Def Jam won.

    • SpaceGhost

      Yes, Ross’ album was stellar and it looks as if Jeezy’ will be as well. Def Jam certainly is having a nice 2014.

  • Cant wait for the whole album man, September gon’ be a good month

  • diggz

    such a dope track

  • Cruz00005

    Jeezy’s 3 for 3

  • Sheeesh

    Just take my money… about to pre order this bish

  • Jeina

    Thank you Jeezy

  • guest

    Hard…feels like he’s back

  • bucks

    jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezy! my niga back!

  • Jeezy been the truth.

  • CTE

    I’ll be buying Seen it all!