Killer Mike Talks Mike Brown On CNN

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Mike Speaks.

While chaos ensues down in Ferguson,  MO Killer Mike was invited to the Cable Network News today to speak on the shooting of Mike Brown, call to action, Billboard Op Ed and more.

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  • puzzled spectator

    where are all the comments…. everyone has an opinion about nicki’s new video, but a rapper goes on national tv and speaks on the issues in a intelligent and articulate way….crickets… that is the very mentality that is part of the problem… is mike not famous enough for his valid points to matter?

    • Barcelona Boy_

      I agree with you 1000 percent! Niggaz is too busy watching a Nikki “Annaconda video” to worry about something of actually value.

      • Donn

        It’s like watching the news and you get a text from a shorty saying she horny, can you come over. You gon’ be like fuck the news lmfao lol. U can turn that shit on anytime lol. Tomorrow, next week, be the same shit. Shootings, killings, politics, celebrity gossip. Same shit. America The Beautiful.

    • diggz

      Dude did you Nikis ass tho lol

    • el jim chapo guzman

      mike mike not famous enough to stack up 200 comments on this comment board.

  • L.O.

    this cop won’t get off from this one!!!!

    • true story no lie

      I bet he get some charges then ends up with probation in time served. Slap on the wrist coming

  • Caposet

    First thing I noticed, he is smiling like he just won the lotto. LOL.
    But for real Killer Mike always on his game. Speaking like he always have.

    (Waiting in that Run The Jewels 2)

  • Barcelona Boy_

    Always speaking on issues that effect the Black Youth & is always on point with his statements. As you can tell, unlike most Rappers & Entertainers, Killer Mike is one of the most intelligent ones out there.

    I enjoyed this piece RapRadar put up. I hope for the 100plus comments Nikki Minaj new video got, this video will get the same.





    • Barcelona Boy_

      my nigga my nigga! Brooke is bad white bitch!

      • THE REAL mac DIESEL



        • Barcelona Boy_

          My nigga I had to rewind that shit a couple times.. She was eyeing that big heavy set nigga too

          • THE REAL mac DIESEL


            DON’T HATE ON MY OPINION!!!!

  • ant.

    his name’s Killer Mike tho….

  • diggz

    Killer Mic is very smart, you can tell from the way he talks. Saying that, I gotta question for everyone regardless of color. If Micahel Brown beat the hell out of that cop, which some reports are coming out now , do you guys think this is a little too much? Howmany people rioting and missing their jobs to protest even know the facts , or the number of black or white people murdered by the cops for no reason vs other crimes and death of us civilians killing each other? Howabout the fact that we are about to goto war with an evil y’all or anyone in the streets can ever even imagine (look up Isis on twitter. ) The world is fuked up yeah , but caos doesn’t fix things. Although this city cops are FUCKING RETARTED for not letting out the info correctly , so I ain’t mad at the protesters. People want justice, but if it’s not justice people want to hear then this will never end.

    • kinotg

      the “chaos” ensuing is a byproduct of the conditions america created in these scenarios, which essentially is people are simply reacting after constantly being treated/looked up as sub par beings while dangling the idea of “equality” to so to speak make shit look like sugar

      your mention of isis is intriguing because you can kinda make the argument for the point I just raised for their existence

      • diggz

        for sure, good reply

    • marty mcfly

      Any facts about the case can be presented in court. If Michael Brown “beat the hell” out of this cop like your saying? No problem, that point of view will most likely be presented right out in court for the jury to see. I think the people protesting aint just upset over Mick Brown. I think many of them have there own personal stories and have family with their own stories that involve multiple factors that have lead to the way people feel overall. Example. Alot of people cant imagine a cop being a bad guy because that thought just doesn’t make sense to them but if you have somebody who was stopped over mere suspicion and then beat down by the police before and locked up in handcuffs and spent the night with blood all over them… Alot of those stories never made the news. When they see this case, there hear people that cant fathom that a cop would actually shoot somebody when it wasn’t necessary but to the person who once had that experience, he’s mad because his reality has shown him different.

      • diggz

        yeah I agree and the protesters have a right and it’s fuked up what’s been happening to them. I was talking about more the rioting and looting of the stores which is just ridiculous and dumb. People driving from other cities getting arrested and shit, that’s what makes me mad. They don’t give a fuck about mr. brown, probably don’t even know his name. You’re right let the justice system work , and all the facts come out, or should we just convict him like everyone is saying without a trial. Would that be better for everyone?

        • marty mcfly

          I didn’t say let the justice system work? because justice for you and me probably mean two different things. The shooter is a white cop and the victim of the shooting in an unarmed black man. The justice system is not gonna side against a cop for an 18 year old black man. It is my opinion that no matter what the facts are they will let this white cop go. I mean this is the same country that three generations ago used to grab a 18 year old black kid off the streets, drag him into court and make up a crime and then take him outside and hang him in front of a crowd of white people… So the opinions about justice vary based upon what ones own personal belief is and based upon the knowledge of situations in the past. I know what its like to have a cop provoke you into a physical situation and then pull a gun and say it was necessary. The other side of that perspective has no idea what thats like. Nobody can convict him without a trial. A conviction is a conviction and an peoples opinion is something else but I know what its like as a black man when you encounter an over aggressive cop with a gun in his hand. Now people wanna say Mike Brown was in the wrong cause he took some cigars from the store? Ok that opinion is accepted and clearly by the video of him doing that I can see why people would draw that conclusion but him being dead ten minutes later with six bullets in his upper body? Imo that may have been a case of over aggression on the cops part and based upon being black and personally seeing cops beat unarmed black men up and pulling weapons when it wasn’t even that serious… My perspectives come from a different view point.

          • diggz

            Justice for me? I didn’t coming in here judging you, why you coming in here judging me? Does it look like I’m someone who’s protesting for the cop, is that what you’re implying? HONESTLY, they were both probably wrong. One was a thug and wasn’t a cool guy obviously, he roughed up the store clerk for no fuckin reason AND then ALLEGEDLY beat the shit out of a cop probably for no reason either, because he probably don’t like cops and the cop probably didn’t like him. The cop may or may not have had to kill him. If he did, and WASN’T in fear of his life, then it was WRONG and he should get PUNISHED. If he WAS and it was self defense, then it was his fault fighting a cop with a fuking gun. Plane and simple. Al sharpton with all this race shit, no get the fuk out of here. He has a career that thrives off this shit. So get the facts straight. Justice for me is based on the facts that’s it. Now you just got ethered go watch your MSNBC.

          • marty mcfly

            When I say “justice for me” im speaking on my personal opinion as a black man. You say Mike Brown was a thug? I dont know if he was a thug because what you may call being a thug, I may call a teenage adult doing childish things… He stole from the store and “roughed” up a store clerk. To me that being childish as far as a thug goes? I have a different opinion on what a thug is and I dont know if Mike was living a thug life or just being an ass that day. You said he beat the shit outta a cop and probably for no reason? I dont know if he beat the shit out the cop cause there are people saying he didnt do that. You have already made assumptions about what Mike did. Me as a black man, I know when a black kid and a cop interact there may have been things said to provoke the kid (18 year old), I know that the cop MAY HAVE (?) got physical first and I know the cop may have already had the intentions of the over aggression necessary to create a situation where shooting him became an option. You say Mike beat the shit out the cop? There are others that said they saw a struggle between the two and then Mike ran up the street, was shot from behind and then turned around and dropped and then was shot more times. As a black man, I can see how that took place. Now if he “beat the shit” out the cop? I dont know if thats true but I do know that sometimes police provoke physical shit and then get hit and claim they were beatin beyond recognition when thats not what happened. So yeah justice is different for you and me because you can not see it from my perspective as a black man.

          • diggz

            RIP Mike Brown

          • marty mcfly

            Yeah sure…

          • marty mcfly

            You say get facts straight? At the end of the day most the facts in cases like these come down to opinions and he say she say so even the facts may not be all the facts. Statements backing up what the officer is saying are coming out from people who weren’t even there, meanwhile there are people who have a first hand eye witness account and they’re statements have not all been presented at this time. Justice to you is based on facts but even those in alot of ways you cant confirm as facts cause you never saw the evidence to begin with. Now go watch Fox News

  • Bernie Madoff

    They should just not commit crimes and they won’t be shot. Nuff said.

    • Dashing28

      yup, selling 50 cent cigarettes and stealing cigars from a convenient store definitely warrant death, while you’re pleading for your life from the people sworn to protect you..

      • diggz

        eh anything could of happend

        • Dashing28

          Big leap from roughing up a store clerk to trying to kill an armed police officer…..the latter implies that he had a deathwish.

          Let’s just look at the evidence that we have.

          1. No gun residue found on his body which means that he wasn’t shot close range so he likely wasn’t an imminent threat.
          2. Forensic analysis shows that he was shot in the wrist, most likely from behind running away.
          3. Multiple eyewitnesses said his hands were up and he was not lunging towards the police officer.
          4. Cop didn’t call it in immediately after the shooting. If it was justifiable then why leave the body in the street for hours.

  • el jim chapo guzman

    Cops shoot some guy you don’t even know? Well teach them a lesson by committing crimes and steal from hard working small business owners just trying to feed their families Makes sense fuckin ediots.

  • el jim chapo guzman

    getting killed over stealing 7 boxes of Slim Jims is sad.

  • Sina Mailer Daemon Djavadkhani

    So Sad … ;(

  • Killyoself Asap

    Just check out this dudes record, sheeeiit and he also has a juvie criminal record that is sealed. Im tired of folks actin like he a martyr now. If the weak ass police didnt get him first the street wouldve eventually

    Description: Burglary – 1st Degree { Felony B RSMo: 569.160 }

    Date: 11/02/2ecord r013 Code: 1401000

    OCN: AJ006207 Arresting Agency: ST ANN PD
    Description: Armed Criminal Action { Felony Unclassified RSMo: 571.015 }

    Date: 11/02/2013 Code: 3101000

    OCN: AJ006207 Arresting Agency: ST ANN PD
    Description: Assault 1st Degree – Serious Physical Injury { Felony A RSMo: 565.050 }

    Date: 11/02/2013 Code: 1301100

    OCN: AJ006207 Arresting Agency: ST ANN PD
    Description: Armed Criminal Action { Felony Unclassified RSMo: 571.015 }

    Date: 11/02/2013 Code: 3101000

    • marty mcfly

      Thats cool but if its true that he was running and got beyond 20 feet away before the officer fired the shot that hit Mike in the arm the first time which caused him to turn around and drop (probably outta pain and shock) and then the officer moved closer and fired six or seven more times with five more bullets hitting Mike Brown again then thats just murder straight up. I wasn’t there, I dont know what happened but IF it went down like that? Then that was doing too much on the officers part.

    • James
    • Trillionare

      This clown really just copied and pasted someone elses criminal record when the national news already annouced he didnt have a record of any kind…. Go back to the KKK web sites with that shit bruh!!! SMH what a loser


    Killer mike talkin’ that real!

  • Guest

    yall see how the white women at the end said hmmmm.. killer mike made that white women wet lol hahahaha all women love a intelligent man real shit!!!!

  • DonKingOfTweeting

    yall see how the white woman at the end said hmmmm.. killer mike made
    that white women wet lol hahahaha all women love a intelligent man real

  • Heat Holders Beats


    • Gmillz

      Yes, and he gave a great perspective.

  • DialTone

    A dude goes in a movie theater shoots and kills folks and walks away in hand cuffs…FUCK OUTTA HERE!!! Thank you for brothers like Killer Mike, HIPHOP would be a better place with more dudes like him fuck all that famous shit dude is getting his trust! The Reporter lady is fine though LOL! Smart dudes always get the ladys little kids don’t follow these dopes..

  • yorapper

    Mike killed it.

  • TeF

    Allowing a rapper named Killer Mike to be on the show was a real sneaky and lowkey way to try to discredit anything our community is saying about this situation. Yes, Mike is an intelligent dude, and his name is also a play on words, but come on, they were not interested in hearing from any rappers until they saw his name was Killer Mike, I imagine the produces were snickering at this situation like “too easy”. This interview is a setback no matter how you look at it. Shame on CNN, seriously.

    • eastpointvet

      dont agree and more rappers have been on CNN with regular names.

  • RB

    loved every moment of this!!! respect!

  • Kai Tzu


  • Mook

    But Brooke Baldwin sexy as hell tho…….

  • gthangrec

    killer mike got that bitch wet!!!

  • k.smith

    props to killer mike.