New Music: Rich Boy x Game “Ridin’ Thru My City”


City Blues.

It’s been a while since we’ve heard new music from Rich Boy. But now, the Alabama native is making his return with Game and Hit-Boy on the boards. Although Chuck’s verse could’ve been mixed better, the overall song makes for a good listen.

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  • london

    rich boy needs to make a serious comeback. more swag and character than all these other rappers

    • RichBwwoy

      Dude Rich Boy first cd is gospel. That track with big boi and pastor troy is some real ass shit. That first cd has banger after banger.. Gold Kilos is dope. Dude knows beats and bass. It is too bad that first song he had blew up too much and he became a one hit wonder to the mainstream rap audience(i.e. children born in the 90s.)

  • “hustlemania”

    This is better than his entire last album.

    Game ruined it with the corny azz name dropping smh

    • eastpointvet

      who entire last album?

      • Real nigga shit

        RICH Boy – Break the pot

  • burr_gucci_burr

    Dope dope.dope
    Nice beat

  • el jim chapo guzman

    this aight rich boy need to come better than that next time.

  • yeah

    The beat is pretty crack, not gonna give rich boy some unnecessary credentials but yeah hit boy snapped again

  • Laura’s Son

    this the beat nicky ripped like years ago right?

  • radio raheem

    soon as I seen rich boy.. throw some D’s on that played in my head

  • GroovyQ

    Game killed that shit

  • KingBee23

    Game killed this one. Too bad he’s hit and miss but this is a win for Game.

  • Prettyluv

    I enjoyed the beat and some of the lyrics, debut back in 2007 much better!! I had to have that CD!! This doesn’t
    Put Me in that gotta have it mode!!!