New Video: Action Bronson “Easy Rider”

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Bike Life.

Action Bronson is a rebel without a cause. High on drugs, Bam Bam embraces the outlaw lifestyle with a barroom brawl and loose women. In the end, he finds peace in an unlikely place. The music will be found on his forthcoming debut, Mr. Wonderful. 

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  • jsmooth

    Awesome. Great visual.

  • MadShot

    That was totally epic. Made me smile from beginning to end.

  • el jim chapo guzman

    dope this shit is so diffrent.

  • Jax

    Best video of 2014, by far.

  • rapradarslastfan

    Sad he can never make any money off this song.. Doors will never give up the rights. Stolen sample on a mixtape. Nothing more. Until a rapper with dough makes the money moves.

    • Folding

      Funny if you look to the right of the page he’s selling the single on itunes….smart, dumb niggas

    • johnvincent

      Time to do some research man. A lot of the Doors’ catalogue is still under Warner, which Bronson is under. Plus Warner’s been begging Bronson to drop a legit LP/Album, trust that they did everything they can to make sure those rights are cleared out. Now the question is .. how much is he making per single?

  • Dope ass track!

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  • burr_gucci_burr

    Glad i clicked play

  • Too dope !!! “Magic Johnson of the game these fools don’t wanna play with me” lol nice line… Magic Bronson!