New Video: The Weeknd “Often”

Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 7.55.30 PM

Suite View.

The Weeknd sure knows how to seduce his women. After a few of them make their way to his penthouse suite, he’s kicks back and watches them do each other before one lucky gets ready to do him. Bet this happens more often.

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  • It’s Just Music

    i remember when The Weeknd first came out, the dude was original and always had you wondering.

    Now his shit all sounds the same, lazy song writing, and pointless videos like this with just over the top sexual shit.

    This dude needs Illangelo back.

    • Just listen

      Illangelo only was heavy contributor on one of his projects (echoes of silence) the first two were pretty much all doc mckinney. If you want someone back it’s doc, and he is back for the new album. And everything he’s done has been pretty hyper-sexual, Thursday was the only semi tame one. People just love to hate as things gain more exposure. Kiss land had some great writing on it (most every song, “live for” excluded) and it got the weakest reception of anything he’s done. It’s just because more people are listening now so there’s more people bound to not like it. As well as the hipsters who don’t like anything. More than 1000 people know about. We can’t act like often isn’t still a quality song even if the video is uninspired and his remixes to drunk in love and or nah we’re both great. Can’t act like dude isn’t still putting out great music.

  • Pikachu #High #SuperSaiyan3

    this is another hit

  • b r z a

    this video was dope conceptually but lol his hair is getting ridiculous

    • LSSN

      Obviously paying homage to Basquiat tho….

      • b r z a

        I don’t remember his hair being that long though and is that the real reason

  • Dat Nigga Conker

    this song better then all the songs on that kissland album

  • Manny Israel

    His fans love him

  • Viva La Raza

    hope this means a new project is on the way, this song goes…

  • TeF

    LOL. It’s Just Music, this song ain’t for you my dude, it’s for broads. This guy’s song’s get broads loose as hell, you should be too busy fckng to dissecting this guy’s songs this hard as your are. Your focus is misplaced. You’re confusing his typical vocal arrangement with the content of the song, say a lot about the guy, but his songs don’t all sound the same. This track is nice, and it’s guaranteed to serve its purpose, that’s what’s important.