New Music: Sisqo x Waka Flocka “A-List”

Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 7.56.30 PM

Dragon Back.

After 13 years, Sisqo is back in the game and is preparing for his next solo album, The Last Dragon. But until it arrives, he showers his lady with the finer things in life on his new single featuring Waka. Video coming soon.


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  • bcl187


  • Joshua Pugh

    Sisqo.. .first what the hell is this.. And where the hell u been at

  • MoneyBitchesWeed

    I like it…

  • Mr.Putdown2Pickup6


  • el jim chapo guzman

    I thought he had cancer?

    • Sisqo


      • el jim chapo guzman

        I guess we all was wrong

  • Hannibal Lecture

    I just seen this fag and Rico Suave on Wife Swap coincedently! Its over I remember when this homo said he was the king of R&B and he got sophomore jinxed lmao!

    • Sisqo

      Nigga even with your hate though!! We all A-list get off the hate and let’s be positive!

  • LMFAOOOOOOO! Seen this header & bust out laughing.
    Dope fuckin track though, surprisingly. Dragon back, indeed. LOL

    • Sisqo

      yep my nigga…..we all A-list!!

  • The beat sounds decent, but the song overall is wack, sorry!

  • Changeclothz

    shit go harrrd

  • topdollaraz

    This brotha is the complete opposite of A-list

    • Sisqo

      I’m coming back….positive thoughts bro. I am A-LIST and my nigga you are too!!

  • AJ turner

    Played it very safe with this track.

  • Donn

    Sound like TPain wrote this

  • Sisqo

    what’s up ya’ll!!

  • Cuz

    I hate today’s cookie cut sound but this is dope ,
    Is it were a Chris Brown song everyone will sweat it.

  • Dan Karlin

    Say what you will about Sisqo, but the man has had a storied career, and can sing circles around 90% of these other R&B “artists” out there now.

    That being said, the auto tune was unnecessary. So was the Waka verse. Why try and sound like everyone else? You’re better than that, dude.

  • lil small

    This is called coming in soft and explode with the release. Exactly the same strategy with THONG SONG and the album. Cant wait to hear the techno stuff. “Anticipation nigga”