New Music: Tinashe x A$AP Rocky “Pretend”


Act Right.

While her current single “2 On” continues to get its spins, she slows it down and gives her man a second on chance on her latest featuring A$AP Rocky. The track is produced by Detail and off her upcoming debut, Aquarius on October 7.

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  • TheMarksman

    Tired of the Jhene Aiko sound aka the female drake sound

    • Mike Markidis

      i miss aliyah

    • Theodore Pendergrass

      Everybody sound the same, agree witcha on that bro.

    • yorapper

      Drake is the female Drake.

      • radio raheem

        I never understood unsuccessful peoples hate.. ya too worried about the other man… you wouldn’t last a day trying to do what they do nor have the near talent.. so all ya do is bash niggas that made it.. thats that ima low life shit… STFU

        • Mike Markidis

          pull your panties out ya ass babygirl

          • radio raheem

            oh shit mike got jokes…. who are you again mr up votes ?…. i forgot to laugh while laughing at your american eagle Rugby shirt… LMFA

          • Mike Markidis

            coming from the president of the drake fan club

          • radio raheem

            Says the member of the disqus Alumni…. I wasn’t speaking for Drake.. I was speaking in general.. why every comment gotta be about bashing somebody els instead of actually judging the music.. Obviously Drake has nothing to do with this Post Mike Miller

          • Mike Markidis

            ok sir i apologize i see u tryna kick knowlede

          • radio raheem

            That’s what it’s all about… PEACE all about PEACE

        • Michael Ib bett

          Sounded more like a joke to me

        • yorapper

          It was a joke. I love Drake.

      • 3LS

        Niggas hate Drake I see.

        • yorapper

          In Toronto, when we call someone female, it isn’t taken as a bad thing as it is in your less progressive socio-economic circle.

    • It’s Just Music

      the things though is that Jhene Aiko can actually sing.

      • intelligentsoul

        LIEESSSSS…she is horrible live

    • 3LS

      Jhene Aiko is the female Drake but she still have her own sound though.

  • MannyThoughts

    If I had never heard of Tinashe and saw this cover, I would have thought the artist’s name was Pretend and the song was named Tinashe. The designer needs to work on the typography hierarchy a bit.

    • cmonhomiewemajor

      ….good thing she has a hit song and shes a star then


    The song doesnt really grab me

  • 3LS

    Tinashe need to stop curving Drake and have him on some hook, and get that first number 1.