New Music: Childish Gambino “Candler Road”

V Festival - Hylands Park - Day 2

New Bino. 

Childish Gambino makes the best of his Sunday morning with a new track that sounds influenced by Migos, Kanye, and Drake. Try putting that in an egg shell. Download Because Of The Internet here.

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  • Jr mafia

    It’s crazy people hate on him so much I don’t get it

    • Chronic

      They just mad cause he used his fame from comedy to skip a come up in rap…or at least that’s how they see it. And he does rip off a lot of flows.

      But for the record I’ve thought he was dope even when he only had a couple tracks up on youtube.

  • No more actor rapper singers….

    • 2 cents


    • radio raheem


  • OKay Childish….I see you!!

  • The Rock says

    I dont like this niggas voice

  • spliffjones

    hahah I ain’t sayin that this dude could body everyone who mentioned but yeah.. he rips their styles to shreds.. also he usually picks good beats but just like drake he has some qualities I don’t fuck with but dude is nice.


    Eh, I don’t know. I am a gambino and it’s good to see him grow. But i feel like he is growing into something he tried so hard not to be from the onset. Bino with an AK? i don’t believe that. Rhyming Nigga with Nigga? that aint the bino i remember. Even the tone and timbre of his voice are drastically dif from CAMP to Because The Internet. Most of the time he seems like an artist torn and distracted, going through the motions.