New Music: Young Thug “1017 Thug 3 Intro”

1017 thug 3

The Saga Continues.

With words from Gucci it kick things off, Young Thug rolls out his upcoming 1017 Thug 3 mixtape with its opening track. Project drops in full August 29.

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  • sadsadstateofrap

    Is this what this dude sounds like without autotune or something? Or the fact that wayne bit his style so bad on that song had him like fuck that wayne can have that shit. i still couldn’t believe that wayne took a young thug song for his album. that totally kills any originality young thug had. they were just like man wayne cant get a hit. nothing is catching on. that song with drake flopped. krazy is pretty lame. maybe this dope young thug song that he was supposed to have on his debut album will help lil wayne get buzz and get sales.. wait it didn’t? people realized immediately that young thug wrote that song? and wayne just re rapped it? wow the audience must be a little smarter than we think. Honestly this is what is going on. Wayne just basically bought a young thug song and re rapped it exactly like young thug did on the original track. so funny. wayne cant get a hit anymore. drake runs that record label now and he is almost done with them as well.. maybe they can whore out nicki minaj a little bit more for some sales.. Oh anaconda? Check. hahaha at this record labels horrible attempts at relevancy. Young thug had some style no matter how queer he is and that buzz is gone.

    • realising

      crazy. I was thinking the same thing. Wayne had the game on lock up till when he went to jail. then Ross started blowing up n lockn the game down. then when Wayne got out it was like he was lost making love songs then coming out with that song john he stole.from.Ross. Like.he ran outta ideas for hooks n songs but can still spit. that’s why he’s using drake to help him for singles n sht. he’s also taking young thugs ideas n songs too. but hey I guess whatever keeps u afloat

      • guest

        taking young thugs ideas??? wayne created that flow way back bruh. shit young thug even talking about calling his album tha carter 6. who’s taking ideas now?

        • sadstateofrap

          what the fuck are you talking about. wayne didn’t fucking create young thugs style. if you go back to d3 and me and my drank it sounds nothing like young thug. your just embarrassed that wayne is falling off the ladder and stealing shit from the new youth in rap. no matter how bland it is wayne tried to steal that shit and it isn’t working. d3 and shes a ryda sound nothing like young thug. if you actually go back and listen to it you will see then you can shut the fuck up about it. you made this point some weeks ago and it was bull shit then and it is definitely even more horse shit now. admit when your runs at its end. just like eminem should have done after relapse(his last great album/concept) and wayne will do it too.

    • Mike Markidis

      bdot didnt like when i said he was rapping drakes throwaway verses…i see im not the only one to notice the fuckery

  • Chronic

    This is a good mix of his new style with his old mixtape style which was way less crazy.

  • DJ Hi-C

    This is all oldddddd music, he is signed to cash money this is old unrealesed music he did with Gucci who is now releasing it because thug is hot.