New Music: Eminem x Sia “Guts Over Fear”

guts over fear

Still Won’t Back Down.

As previewed in The Equalizer trailer, Marshall reflects on his ups and downs with Australian based singer, Sia. The track is the first offering off the upcoming project, SHADYXV. Purchase the single on iTunes now.

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  • The Rock says

    Hoping for a Em nd 50 collab

  • b r z a

    I cringe every time Em attempts to sing

    • singing identifier

      i dont recall him singing


      He seems to do that in every song he does now.

    • Dope

      These days it sounds awful, though he knew how to pull it off in the past, especially on Hailie’s song. He doesn’t have a singer’s voice, but he could somehow pull it of an make it sound nice, but now it definitely does make one cringe.

  • Barcelona Boy_

    All that High Class studio shit & High Price Producers & this is what you come up with?

    At this point, that nigga Chief Keef is making better music than this bullshit. At least I can turn up on his shit..

    • GreenBergs

      exactly, nigga em cant make a decent song for shit anymore..

    • Theodore Pendergrass


    • alex

      When has Eminem ever made a song that makes you “turn up”?? Lol what classic hip hop album makes you “turn up”?

      • EZA

        The Chronic, 2001, Wu Tang, there’s so many classic albums and artists that you can turn up to

        • alex

          People who turn up to Chief Keef and people who turn up to the chronic 2001 probably have very different definitions of the phrase “turn up”.

          • DAT NIGGA DAZ

            Not exactly. I’m from the Westcoast, and I turn up just the same to Snoop’s Doggystyle than to say Lil Wayne.

  • Dan

    The verses were solid. Good spoken word style of quick spitting and not a lot of yelling. The singing in this was almost questionable but we’ll let it slide cuz Sia does a good job.

    • Knice

      Thank you, I am of that same opinion.

  • J-P

    dope music… em has content in those bars.. salute

  • daman

    I like the one they did on MMLP2 better, This Is alright.

    • Dan Karlin

      It’s true. “Beautiful Pain” was fantastic, and it deserved better placement then just as a bonus track. It probably would’ve replaced “The Monster” on MMLP2 if radio spins weren’t a factor…


    “Still won’t back down.” Ran out of corny tag lines?

  • Drake LOL`

    Eminem ShadyXV gonna BAD AS HELL!!!!!!! Wooo! Can NOT wait to hear more about it. Shady v. EVERYBODY.

  • youngtune410

    People like him and jay don’t have shit to prove in my book they’ve done so much at this point their place is automatic anything they release now is a bonus to the legacy

  • waddup


  • thegame

    The best in the game

  • Jburg

    Some cat on here just said Chief Keef makes better music than EM. Talking about turning up………And that’s all I need to know about this generation. SMDH.

  • Peter Wesley

    Only complaint, Sia’s hook was too long. Eminem should go back to doing more of his own hooks.

  • Stan

    Am i the only one who thinks this slim shady flow is wack now? or the mixing is really bad on this one. He should use back that angry flow from recovery. A lot more enthusiasm to match his sick wordplay. MMLP2 was not good enough IMO. Everytime em put up a song im getting bored listening to his voice he need switch it up sometimes. Bring back that Relapse flow maybe? Nobody could match that kind of flow and wordplay. Sincerely, Stan.

  • Jax

    He really hates “We Made You” like the rest of us.

  • dAnny Boy

    i totally love sia, like OMG

  • Viva La Raza

    new album already??
    thats what I like to see…
    quality, talent & work ethic manifested…

    you horrible rap fucks take notice.

  • Kingly_Caracter

    Man…All I got to say is ya’ll some LOYAL ass niggas. This nigga been sounding like shit lately. This “angry rap” shit is very old. Yes he has bars, but the delivery is very old.

  • Kevin Banks

    Eminem has lost it he really is rapping like a robot these days, lyrics are still there but I can hear Royce da 5’9 flow and he used the Migo’s flow at 3:41, thought we wouldn’t catch it.

  • See(sic)

    This is just… meh. I feel like it’s really hard as a guy who’s been in the game so long, to make songs that aren’t just derivative of the shit you did before. But, other than a few songs on MMLP2, he’s just been rehashing old concepts and nothing feels new. I can’t imagine how hard it must be to stay fresh, because Em is such a literal rapper conceptually, and stays on a point, to be abstract is not his thing. Because of that quality in his body of work, it’d probably be odd, for him and his fans, to do something like Mac Miller’s last project (not comparing him because he’s white), which was so abstract and just put out as something with no ingrained message or explanation. You know what you’re getting with Em, which is okay if you know you want to get essentially the same formula every time. I can’t say it hasn’t worked for him though, cause I wouldn’t be talking about him right now if it didn’t.

  • blackholesurfer

    how could you even hate on this song. song is on fire listen to the lyrics. no one can tell a story like he can and what real people like himself has gone trough.