Angie Martinez Interviews G-Unit

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Starting 5.

Angie Martinez welcomed 50, Banks, Yayo, Buck and Kidd Kidd during Power 105’s rush hour drive. The collective spoke on their reunion, Floyd Mayweather, a Dipset and Lox reunion, police brutality, Bobby Shmurda, another possible project, The Beast and more.


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  • Slowbucks

    Damn it’s G-Unit season! Hope they don’t play any of that G-Unit at my birthday party this weekend. Snitches and cops only, DM for info.

    • Ciaron Mc Loughlin

      Snitchin boy on everythang

  • Donn

    I think the Floyd 50 thing is staged, they just playing niggas and racking headlines. U can never tell with 50. He plays chess and niggas run to comment

    • iseerashonal

      Once im entertained im all for it cuz he the only reason im hyped on hiphop right now

  • G’

    That nigga fif go Chelsea a gator lmao brah The Unity boy!!! What!!

  • Uncle Tom

    Young buck is making sure he’s kissing fifs ass so there won’t be a part 2 to that nigga crying. Glad to see g-units back in affect, it’s good for the culture to have that real gritty hip hop back. Also what the fuck is that nigga below me saying?? Smh some people should stay off the internet and go back to school.

    • gun raw 9

      niggas say buck kisses 50s ass because hes the only one that actually says something while banks, yayo and kidd just sit their saying nothing. buck is the only one who bring energy. the same thing happened in the g-unit interview with jack thriller. they just sit their while buck needs to do all the talking. im glad to see buck get all the attention cause he deserves it. nobody else even tries to talk apart from 50. banks looks depressed.

      • jarren

        how was buck kissing 50s ass?

        • Ciaron Mc Loughlin

          Bucks looks like he is just genuinely happy to be back around his buddy’s and is excited

      • iseerashonal

        Americans only react to the loud

    • Guest

      im happy they back but truth be told 50 a snake for recording buck.

    • Kenny

      only lame niggas still talk about buck crying.

    • el jim chapo guzman

      You acting like you don’t kiss your boss ass for a day off.

  • Truth

    “like a white billionaire” -Guy in blue hat

    Where do they the get these people lol

  • Truth

    Banks there for the check hahaha

  • Truth

    Buck want to talk so bad lol

  • “hustlemania”


  • Ghost

    Its a wrap for them, funny to see stans acting like anybody would pay to see a g-unit tour or buy them albuns when 50 cent are making ace hood numbers with his own album lol. By the way when a g-unit album sold more than a 50 album? Thats right #expect20kfirstweek

    • kirk

      So you came to this post just to write a long ass statement bout how you don’t like them? You crab ass n-gg-s never cease to amaze me with your hate.

      • bcro31

        He might be a MMG stan. Don’t make fun of him, pray for him. He might not know any better.

        • Ghost

          Desperate times call for desperate measures, thats why your idol curtis is back with this old has beens he diss early this year. By the way, any of you g-unit stans take kidd kidd and his clown voice seriously? Lil twist is hov compared to him lol

        • Mylo

          Bro you know damn well who that is…. Stan ass nigga. Nigga was on vlad tv getting chipped by all the commenters… This nigga gone tell niggas check out my IG I box and model… Lmao

          Beauty of independence… I know these fag ass Stan’s mad…

          • Mr. Real Talk

            Hahaha you stay with my name in your mouth!!! I’ve never seen a nigga so obsessed with another man like this before. I think ima have to put a retraining order on ya ass! You talk about me when I don’t even post! U click on my page to see where I commenting so you can go there and don’t try to deny this blacky, a simple screen shot can prove all this. You are truly obsessed with me

          • Grandma Folk

            Speaking of obsessions with men, you seem pretty obsessed with G-Unit and 50.

            For someone who does not even listen to them you sure comment about them A LOT. How many hours of your day do you spend thinking about G-Unit?

          • Mylo

            Never said yo lame ass name Stan. Obsessed? I go to look At a vlad tv blog on 50 cent… Who do I see getting roasted mr gay talk. Since you actually like 50 I know your gay. 10-8-14

          • bcro31

            You might be right. Lol. The guy may have multiple accounts. It’s hard to keep track.

      • Ghost

        And still you read all my shit lol. Stop your comments, go buy a animal thrash copy

    • true story no lie

      Its a wrap for you keep flipping them burgers sucka nigga. Mmg promo homo nigga.^ beware of suckas yall

      • Anthony Kelley

        its a wrap for them, but they drop a surprise EP that had no promo and they are number 1 hip hop, and number 5 in all genres, ok

        • Mr. Real Talk

          Let me just ask you one thing, who else dropped on Monday? Who was their competition? It’s easy to be number one when NO OTHER ARTIST DROPS THAT DAY!!!! But u 50 Stans are known to make up numbers so ima have to do a lil digging to find out the actual numbers

          • Grandma Folk

            I know right? Thats how Rick Ross got his 5 number 1 albums,

          • Mr. Real Talk

            Oh so I guess Pharrell’s Girl album didn’t drop the same day as mastermind huh? Hahahaha nigga please just stfu!!!

        • true story no lie

          I never said it was a wrap for the unit. My reply was to the sucka who said it was. I got the ep bro

        • I am a GOD

          Nigga that shit just did 12k!!!! Hahahaha Es niggas stay losing. Don’t nobody give a fuck about Es niggas no more smh and don’t say they didn’t have promotion. They just did mad interviews and dropped mad music and videos. Like I said NO ONE cares bout Es niggas any more

    • Mr. Real Talk

      Nigga that shit might not even hit 20k hahahaha Es Stans are delusional. They pop all this shit on line, but will not go out and actually buy 50’s or g unit CDs. Then get all butt hurt when u bring up the numbers hahahaha

    • Ciaron Mc Loughlin

      I say 80-90K

    • I am a GOD

      These niggas just did 12k off that little EP!! Hahaha Es niggaa are so irrelevant smh

  • Hussle

    Damn…it seems like 50 dragged Banks out the bed or something LMAO Banks my nigga but damn homie….at least act like you want to the interviews and shit lol

    • Joeezy

      I was just thinking the same shit. Besides Buck and 50, noone else is saying shit! Banks like “when this shit done fif, i need a nap” lol

  • buck advertising his clothing line sneaky ass nigga ha

    • black _developer

      like we didn’t see that nigga wreck his bike with his simple ass

  • Kevin Banks

    Damn Banks say something my nigga, wouldn’t even talk on the Bobby Shmurda shit, nigga just laying in the cut. Seems like none of these other niggaz can have an opinion around 50

  • Levar Burton

    Best interview from Angie at power 105. GUNIT so happy. Feeling good.

  • BruhPlease

    50 and Rick Ross are polar opposites of Bosses… yayo banks and buck make good bitches
    and I see 50 palms start itchin when he start thinkin about that reunion tour

  • domerz

    all this g unit and 50’s street king immortal supposed to be less than a month away…what is going on with that…

    • Grandma Folk

      pretty sure its pushed back, even Game pushed his back too

  • el jim chapo guzman

    Gggggggggggggunit fif never loses fif always win. This the biggest combat in hip hop history.

    • Crespo

      Niggas here need to learn how to spell. How are you going to mistake come back for combat? it sure does rhyme though. Anyway General salute to the Unit for all the hard core songs they have giving us. i appreciate.

      • el jim chapo guzman

        Computer spelling key mess up.

  • smale45

    It’s amazing to see how intelligent Fifty is about the whole Law Enforcement thing. Yayo is a fucking idiot. strip police of their weapons ? is he fucking stupid ? Police are WORTHLESS in Europe. fuck Yayo man.

  • smillinkilla


  • radio raheem

    WHERE THE FUCK IS CC3 BANKS -______- ????

  • Carlos Danger

    its not squashing all the way its a mind games why not get dipset lox and gunit on the same bill sold out shows but watch for the knuckle headz nice move king 50 i would love to see that.

  • Ciaron Mc Loughlin

    Well in my opinion it’s great to see them back together and making good music and I think the album will do well not massive numbers but there all independent that means more profit and quick returns watch they will flood the market again and the resurgence of g unit will come in full effect buck and kidd kidd are like new artists hungry and motivated well done lads and Fuck everyone talking shit about buck he is a G

  • titus tucker

    Look at Bank’s face.. Remember when fig said he had to drag him out of bed to do videos, drag him out of the bed to record, and that him and Tony Yayo are spoiled? It’s coming out. Them two are lazy and don’t understand what it means to get it out the mud.. sad

  • Mylo

    Banks is the CUTEST one, and KISSABLE!!!

    • Mylo

      31 and you ain’t even open yo mouth yet social media giving cowards an outlet…..

  • realtalk82

    Man Young Buck needs another album. He’s my Fav out the group officially.

  • realtalk82

    Banks was maaaad quiet

  • Kai Tzu

    Fuck an interview get the freestyles poppin like the Flex bomb days!

  • gwinetty

    This nigga young buck seem thirsty as fuck. Only relevant mf there is fif.

  • bc

    that had to be uncomfortable when he started talking about “dont play with me” and im bigger than you. awkward for Banks and Buck!!!

  • yorapper

    G-unit is basically the Fox Morning Show at this point.

  • Mylo

    New York rap heavyweight 50 Cent and G-Unit’s new The Beauty of Independence EP is reportedly set to gather up some impressive units with first-week projections over 10,000.
    This summer belongs to 50/G-Unit. i’s over for Officer Ricky and MMG.

  • Mylo

    Faith Evans Receives Humanitarian Award From Black Gay Pride, Talks Rumors That Son Is Gay.

  • Mylo

    If I was fat with a receding hairline would I troll to? Lmao… 12k no promo top 5 forbes, and you do what? Oh yea box and model lmao 10-8-14

  • drizzle

    Banks isn’t saying anything because they’re not talking about anything worthwhile. He’s probably the most grown up out of the group. If you’ve followed his subject matter and writing, he’s matured lyrically.

  • Cheick Traore