New Music: Busta Rhymes x Everlast “Calm Down 3.0”

the clash ep

Remain Calm.

Busta brings forth new renditions of  “Calm Down” from his The Clash EP. The project includes the original featuring Eminem and a lost verse. While you download the rest on iTunes, stream one of the mixes below.


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  • Chronic

    How long before this dude realizes the beat wasnt that good and this is in no way shape or form the song that’s gonna “bring back” his career

  • Epul

    The first two weren’t even good

  • truuuuuuth

    For real I mean I understand that Busta is from the old school and the type of beats that brought him into rap were from that era but they were so poorly produced. It wasn’t until biggie(life after death) and pac(all eyez on me) where the rap beat really started to hit its stride. This shit ass. It makes turn off the song rather than give it a chance.

    • Nickey38


      It wasn’t until Tupac and Big when beats hit they stride?

      Fam Hip Hop been had dope beats and wack beats. Just like they got now. Do you think Anaconda is a dope beat?

      You ever heard Kane debut? Rakim debut?
      Pete Rock and CL debut? Basically I’m saying “have you heard the musical production on those albums?” DOPE BEATS

  • el jim chapo guzman

    Busta been fell off since woo hah!! Nigga.

  • BMD

    Its time busta its time