G-Unit “Watch Me” On ‘Chelsea Lately’

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The Finale.

The Gorilla Unit brought their press run over to late night For the series finale of Chelsea Lately. After some flirting between Chelsea and 50, Fif, Yayo, Buck, Banks and Kidd Kidd closed out the show with track one off The Beauty Of Independence EP. Purchase the project here.

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  • G’

    The Unit boy!!! What!!



  • Guare456

    yayo kills that verse in this song

    • Ghost

      Yayo never kill a verse in his life, and he damn wouldn’t start at his 50’s lol


        he’s 36 geekboy, younger than fif

      • Michael Ib bett

        He killed the picture me being coke verse. .but that’s it

    • word, his angle was dope!

  • “hustlemania”


  • Extra Domus

    Dope, it started off a little shaky but after buck’s verse it went pretty good. Banks and yayos mic didn’t work at first too…lol

  • 55:16

    (In my opinion), Young Buck is only G-Unit member who can really spit bars.

    • Anthony Kelley

      never that homie cause they all spit and have been for years

    • el jim chapo guzman

      Nigga fif is the best lyricist out the group, than banks.

      • GetReal

        shut your dumb ass up

        • el jim chapo guzman

          Keyboard tuff guy.

  • Hussle

    My niggaz everywhere!!! G-Unit!

  • the ep was hard im glad these niggas got back together hip hop needed some hard ass grimey rap was getting tired of this bubblegum twerk shit

  • RT

    Funny thing is 50/g-unit finale cant be that far!

  • Marley71

    People say all 50 does is burn bridges…

  • Mylo

    Nigga respect me like yo father when it comes to Drama, I put the lama to yo mamma and beat her like a piñata – Yayo

  • OgSnowflake187

    Kidd Kidd ?They need to fuckin dumpster that trash and send game an edible arrangement or somethin and then shit would be classic

    • Dafuq

      What? U serious? I was on the wall on kidd Kidd mainly due to his voice but after a while you realize the dude can spit.

  • BK!!

    You haters just keep hating!!!The Unit stays winning ahahahahaaaa!!!!GGGG GGGGG G-UNIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ehoff


  • el jim chapo guzman

    This shit dope as fuck. Buck hungry like he never ate.

  • Viva La Raza

    loving this press run, G-Unit keeping these websites “click worthy” hahaha

    The Unit sound TOUGH together, I like it..

  • Mylo

    Lloyd Banks is the best lyrics out G-Unit, and by far the most handsome. If I was to be with a dude it’d Be Banks for sure!