New Music: Rae Sremmurd “No Type”


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Mike Will Made It’s proteges are equal opportunist on their follow up to “No Flex Zone”. The duo still sound like pubescent late bloomers, but this is a better listen than their predecessor. SremmLife EP is penciled in for latar this year.  

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  • “This is a better listen than their predecessor,” as a person whose been on the lookout for them since they first came out last year, I totally disagree, “No Flex Zone” is a hype joint, has way more energy and moves the club like crazy over here in VA. This… This is just boring and brainless. : | Half of every rapper in the game ‘remixed’ a verse into “No Flex Zone,” let’s see how many remix this. #factsonly

    • choco prince

      B.Dot has no credibility. he was the only one that thought We Dem Boyz was gonna flop.

      • Brian B.Dot™ Miller

        what has it done?

        • Wha??? I’m not even the biggest Wiz fan at all but “We Dem Boyz” is like… the anthem for the homies! And the fact that you said, “what has it done?,” just sounds ignorant, it may not have been another “Black & Yellow,” debuted the highest on the charts or even received a platinum status plaque but your logic makes it seem like in order for a song to be good it has to be close to any of the things I just mentioned.

          There are plenty of good songs and albums that hasn’t done anything ‘accolade worthy’ but are still great in their own right, like Migos’ “Versace” or Travi$ $cott’s “Upper Echelon” or even Pusha T’s album, My Name Is My Name or Ab-Soul’s These Days, that’s one of the dopest albums that dropped this year and I don’t even think it’s sold over 100k yet, but I guess cause it hasn’t ‘done anything’ it’s considered trash right? *shrugs*

          • wow

            Don’t forget Bdot was championing Macklemore a year ago…It may be all about the #’s in his opinion but he’s just one opinion in a world where we all have one. Honestly once he’s not influencing your decisions on what to listen to and what not to listen to his opinion should not matter to you at all. Are you into 360? Probably not… Both We dem Boyz and No Flex Zone have made movement this year whether he likes them or not. I would be interested to know Bdots take on Fancy by Iggy Azalea

        • choco prince

          did the opposite. not flop

    • Brian B.Dot™ Miller

      No Flex zone sucks.

      • Ehh I guess so, everyone’s entitled to their own opinion. *shrugs*

        • Fiyah

          No, he’s right, it sucks.

        • LordTeckkk

          B.Dot isnt open minded with new music and new sounds unless if its drake

      • Free Agentz

        It’s a good club song

    • Donn

      Flex Zone is forgettable. Corny kiddy Punchlines that sound like Nicki inspired them. We get it, ur young turn up and have fun but u won’t step in this culture full of spitters and lyricists and think u gon rape the industry that gave birth to some of the greatest artists in music.

      New BOYZ 2.0

      Better come with some substance or put out mixtapes for the rest of your 15mins. Like Migos

      • First of all (correct me if I’m wrong) but to my knowledge there are more sub-genre’s to Hip-Hop than any other genre of music, we have crunk rap, southern rap, lyrical rap, comedy rap, west coast rap and etc. so of course everyone isn’t meant to be a KRS-One, Raekwon, Rah Digga or whatever. I am a Hip-Hop head music junkie and I appreciate all types of music that each artist provides, Eminem is my favorite rapper but he gets NO play in my 12s! I need $#!+ that I can ride to! What I’m tryna say is, some artist are meant for certain times, you just gotta respect the lane that the artist chooses to take, so as for Rae Sremmurd, I actually appreciate their hype-club sound, I think it works for them.

      • 1KillMovez1

        Where the spitters & lyricist @? The rap game is run by the young thugs of the world

    • @SkiYewNiverCity

      What song doesnt move a club here in Va? Lil Waynes grindin could move a club here in va lol

    • 3 months later do u still feel the same way about this song? I felt the same way u did & thought this song was trash after 1st listen. I was ready to close the book on Rae Sremmurd & label them one hit wonders. 3 months later & after abundant plays on the airwaves, this shit kills No Flex Zone in my opinion. Also it’s garnered just as many remixes as it’s predecessor #factsonly

      • Lol YES, I still do feel the same way! $#!+ is garbage, and it HAS NOT garnered just as many remixes as “No Flex Zone,” that’s a lie… I will say it’s a bigger song than what I thought it would be though. “No Flex Zone” is still more memorable though, more people know about it, I’m sure.

        • U gotta point. To each his own. Yeah maybe I’m reaching on da remixes lol but No Type is actually the more successful song. Its currently at 16 on the Hot 100 meanwhile No Flex Zone peaked at 36. I know chart positioning don’t mean shit but but I fuck with this song way more. No Flex Zone was more of a novelty act for me, some shit I’d catch on TV & radio. I actually play No Type in da whip on my own will, I just think it’s the better of the two. One thing we both can probably agree on is that new shit they dropped with Thug & Nicki is super trash

  • • Haze

    Artwork made me wanna play the song lol

  • The Incredible Creation
  • Carlos Danger

    this is nice if it was hype up a bit they flowed but no flex zone for me but this should be popular cause of mike will this was okay i want to hear more tho..cause the kids can flow.

  • Brave Empire dot com

    eh it’s okay this won’t be as big as “No Flex Zone” alot of akward pauses in this joint too.

  • Fiyah

    Very dope artwork, but this song is even more ass than No Flex Zone. Is it too early to start a petition to only refer to them as Kriss Loss?

  • LordTeckkk

    This shit hard as fuck, old heads scared of the new school. Young niggas Swaggin on the mic. LET MY MAMA TELL IT NIGGA I AINT LIVING RIGHT

  • RB Tha Kid

    the hook is the catchy ….they can write…

  • @SkiYewNiverCity

    How the fuck do you pronounce Sremmurd?

    • @SkiYewNiverCity

      Oh and this and no flex zone are flat!!!!

    • drewsmit24

      You dont its drummers backwords

      • @SkiYewNiverCity

        So just call them ear drummers?

        • LuckyP

          don’t listen to that dick head. regardless of what it is, its their name and you’ve still gotta say it. lol the nigga acting like u can call em ear drummers when in all actuality thats not their name

  • I wish the verses were better. Hook goes though.