New Music: Stalley x Ty Dolla $ign “Always Into Something”

always into something

Appetite For Destruction.

Stalley can’t keep still. And with Ty Dolla up on the hook, Stalley keeps the momentum going for his OHIO release on his new track. Album drops October 28.

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  • $₱₳ṝ₭≳.

    Okay Timid Face lol… I like this record!… Stalley my niigga but Im a need him to eat a bowl of courage or confidence he nice as hell tho “A-Wax” is still in rotation tho!

  • Bruh Bruh

    best song ive heard from stalley..
    finally cuz he usually soooooooooooo boring.

    tight hook, sick beat my nigga

  • The joint aint bad, it aint great , but it aint bad!

  • jax

    How is Atlantic putting out his album? He has no buzz whatsoever.

    • The Incredible Creation

      shit can’t be coming out lol must be yet another “digital release” [independently] we still haven’t gotten anything official from Omarion yet and he already put out 2-3 dope songs that could have did some damage *shrugs* but this is MMG we’re talking about zZzZzZz

    • blac_ike

      One of the best mixtapes of last year nominated for mixtape of the year critically acclaimed. Swanggin with scarface was a nice underground hit for him circulating through urban radio stations and mtv jams. Ross stay promoting the homey. Believe it or not dude has a nice little buzz but only to those who listen to his music. Plus his budget isnt really gonna be that expensive…


    This is clearly hot yall. Yes lol Stalley could be boring sometimes in interviews. But ever since I heard “Swangin”… i was highly impressed. This new one is str8 FIRE! Nice assist by Ty, Crazy dre-esk ridin beat, Stalley could spit dat shit.


  • The Incredible Creation

    beat sounds like some “Snoop-after the No Limit deal” type shit… but anyway, the world is about to get a major label debut from Stalley? =/ won’t hold my breath.. zZzZzZz

    • Ariesk47

      Now that Meek got locked up Ross is pushing Stalley.

  • ferd isaacs

    this sounds dope though cant deny it, let the new guys shine, dont hate just cos your rap career sucks

  • Wiseman

    This nigga still around? He was okay in 2012, but this nigga can’t hang anymore MMG’s second weakest link right above watergunplay,


    On REPEAT!!! I’ve never listened to TY $ before. Maybe i should check out his music now. Dude did an amzing job w/ the hook. Clever tribute to NWA in the hook. Gotta love it.

    Hopefully, Stalley has more uptempo songs this time out. He’s lyrically one best today. His only weak point is his beat selection.

  • Shutty