Wiz Khalifa ‘Blacc Hollywood’ Tops Charts

Under the Influence of Music Tour

Blacc On Top.

Wiz Khalifa scored his first number one album this week with Blacc Hollywood moving an estimated 85,475 copies. On his Twitter page, he boasted:

“Number 1 album on they ass. Thank you taylors. Honestly we’ve been waiting for this day for a very long time. I cant thank you enough. The vibes are real right now.

Download the album here.

(zachary mazur)

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  • KrackDiesel

    I thought “We Dem Boyz” was trash, B.Dot.

    • yorapper

      Nah man that shit is a bro-anthem.

    • choco prince

      he’s an outdated person. dont mind him

    • Brian B.Dot™ Miller

      it sucks. remix is 100 x better.

      • 1KillMovez1

        The whole song trash…. Remix & all

      • cannon

        no way jose the regular one is way more trill

      • KrackDiesel

        Respect it, but I prefer the original.

    • THE guest

      I hated We Dem Boyz at first but then I listened to it with the boyz and it all made sense…

  • 55:16

    85,475 white girls…

  • yorapper

    85,475 sales in a country with a population of over 300 million. Sounds great!

    • Yeah, topping charts really doesn’t mean as much as it did back then. It all just depends who’s dropping that same week, for Wiz there was no competition so him coming in at number 1 was a given. Every rapper that dropped earlier this year was getting beat by the Frozen soundtrack!

      • Chrisalejo

        Let it gooo! Let it goooooo!

      • Lol

        Lmaooo sad but true. Same shit The Game pulled when he “outsold Watch The Throne” in his first week of sales to get the #1 rap album when that was WTT’s 4th week on the charts. All about timing.

    • Brian B.Dot™ Miller


  • Everybody

    Saw this album in the bargain bin at a Costco.

  • choco prince

    it’s 90,000………

  • Truu

    He has an album out? Didn’t know.

  • JamesTheNiggaHatingDolphin

    Not bad numbers for this clown. He should take some of that money now and try to put together a full outfit for his wife…maybe even get her on a solid diet plan. I was embarrassed for him seeing that shit she had on at the VMA’s.

  • Chris M

    Album is trash.

  • Joshua Pugh

    People still buy music?!! Ha

  • 1KillMovez1

    Fuck this album —> seen it all drops sept 2nd tho. #freeSnowGo CTE ATL stand up .

    • true story no lie

      Hell yea that 4 zones track is bangin on repeat, win is a win too. great album jeezy came correct.

  • polopolo1

    Kush an orange juice was the perfect mix, I wonder if he can ever do it again

  • Dev

    I fucks with this Album. Wiz is Wiz it’s like people want him to be like others. He not an overly lyrical guy to begin with….just enjoy him for who he is. dope album

  • Guest

    When you could stream it on Spotify and Beats Music they day it came out 85,000 ain’t that bad

    • Epul

      Those apps are really gonna kill record sales. But at the end of the day I heard labels get paid a percentage base on plays

  • Manny Israel

    all the hate really means “I’m home hating the homies lifestyle and success”

  • Donn

    I never met anybody who
    Can sell 80k of anything let alone CDs. No hate on this side. Dude been in the game for a min and still eating. Peace bro

    • Honestly

      Maybe you should meet more people?

    • yorapper

      Apple? They finna sell 80 million iPhone 6’s!

  • Mylo

    Nobody buys music like that….labels aren’t about to press two million copies of CDs no more. Now days you can only hope to have a platinum single… Labels are going bankrupt putting millions in these artist but not seeing a return. Hence the 360 deals….

  • Epul

    Remember when we all thought Wiz, Big Sean, Cudi and Wale had next? #wheretheyatdoe

    • true story no lie

      I never thought they was next I have higher standards

      • Epul

        So who did you think was next? I’m interested in seeing how high you’re standards are.

        • true story no lie

          Recently k.dot,j.cole, krit, jay elect when i 1st heard exhibit C way back then. None of these new niggaz never crossed my mind as having next. Since dmx 50 & Kanye I havent had a for sure feelin about a artist taking over in having a major impact. Im waiting tho the 1st ones I named have potential. Having next to me as having a major impact.

    • Yup

      Then Drake lapped them all twice. I remember though…

    • Anon

      He hAs the number one album in the country…what else does he have to prove to be the next guy

  • Carlos Danger

    dude mixtape for rap fans is album for pop fans but he doing his thing wiz that boy.

  • I am a GOD

    Congrats to Wiz!!! A number one album is a number one album. Niggas gonna hate cause their favorite rapper can’t even reach 85k hahaha

  • LP1087

    Why did he even sell that now ?, ( can’t follow that w/ no offense but…..I’mma do it anyhow )

  • LuckyP

    man fuck all of this. we den boyz (at least i thought, although i hated it) was major! i don’t give a fuck, #1 or not, lets not act like these are acceptable numbers for an artist such as Wiz. i understand the times etc., but this is mr black and yellow, coming out the gate with 86k. SN: the autocorrects made via disquis are the dumbest I’ve ever witnessed in my life

  • el jim chapo guzman

    I told everybody on this site my prediction wiz should sell at list 80k first week.

  • Mylo

    G Unit next album will sell more than that. Also be on the lookout for Street King Immortal. 50 will prove to fuckboys he’s the real Boss not Officer Ricky. I predict at least 250000 copies 1st week.