New Mixtape: Ace Hood ‘Body Bag Vol. 3’

body bag 3 cover

Catching Bodies.

Ace Hood is still bodying instrumentals. And for the third time, he’s dumping them off on the latest release of his Body Bag series. Bag them all in full below.

body bag 3

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  • b r z a

    Ill give him credit for not giving up but this guy is never gonna blow

    • 3LS

      Their is a lot of rappers that will never blow lets be honest here, but that don’t take away that he can rap tho.

    • Kay-R

      I think he doin allright. Look at the number of plays some songs got.

  • Mr. Smith

    Ace Hood potential is so beyond what Dj Khaled can give him at his label. He needs to stop playing the son role and go get a real record deal! He’s easily singable! He killed some of these songs better than originals smh

  • BEE

    Ace hood so dope. i jus dont understand y he aint blow yet

  • Kay-R

    Nigga is sooooooooo underrated it’s sad….

  • Burn

    I don’t know if i can sit through this, i liked his earlier stuff. But lately he is just so repetitive

  • el jim chapo guzman

    Ace hood body bag 3 garbage.

  • Blizzyman

    Ace hood is

  • Blizzyman

    Ace hood is a deerfield legend