J.Cole Performs At Made In America

cole america

Cole Day.

Over in Philly, Jermaine hit the stage yesterday afternoon for the Made In America festival. Opening up his set with his Mike Brown, Cole proceeded with some of his most notable tracks. Cole world indeed.


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  • http://www.fuckoff.com 3LS

    Cole World

  • kW

    always amazing

  • Hussle

    KILLED IT!!! #coleworld #dreamville

  • s

    cole has more lyrical content in his songs compared to drake (no disrespect)

    • Drake

      hey s. drake here. your entitled to your opinion.

  • Capuccino

    feel sorry for whoever had to follow that, cole tha truth

  • http://www.freesho.com Kolawole Tokeaux

    Cole, get hype on em bruh!

  • Jinx

    Cole’s Best Show!!! That third album gonna be something right?

  • b r z a

    Im not a fan of the live band thing @ concerts but this wasnt half bad s/o to Cole

  • Respect

    Been to a few Cole shows.he always has high energy and gives more than if you were sitting home listening on an iPod

  • wale

    Nothing like j Cole, nigga got me feelin……..music, real music.