• 3LS

    Cole World

  • kW

    always amazing

  • Hussle

    KILLED IT!!! #coleworld #dreamville

  • s

    cole has more lyrical content in his songs compared to drake (no disrespect)

    • Drake

      hey s. drake here. your entitled to your opinion.

  • Capuccino

    feel sorry for whoever had to follow that, cole tha truth

  • Cole, get hype on em bruh!

  • Jinx

    Cole’s Best Show!!! That third album gonna be something right?

  • b r z a

    Im not a fan of the live band thing @ concerts but this wasnt half bad s/o to Cole

  • Respect

    Been to a few Cole shows.he always has high energy and gives more than if you were sitting home listening on an iPod

  • wale

    Nothing like j Cole, nigga got me feelin……..music, real music.