Kendrick Lamar At Made In America

kendrick america

Ride Along.

K.Dot returned to the Made In America festival yesterday. Ending L.A.’s day one on a good note, Kendrick, ScHoolboy Q and the rest of his Black Hippy crew kept it West Coast for the thousands at Grand Park. Po’ up, drank!

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  • MadShot

    I love the kid but he’s always giving terrible live performances. Skips words, phrases, changes his delivery, tempo, always yells. Such a bad way to honor a classic like GKMC.

    • ajsea

      I hear you, but I understand why he changes it up. He’s been doin’ the same songs for 2 years solid now.

      • Exactly. When people know all the words you don’t need to say all of them

    • Chronic

      This was the best live performance I’ve seen from him. He’s getting a lot better at performing

    • Alex Cooper

      Kanye did the same thing in his performance but no one is hating on that…

  • zeezee

    loved his live performance

  • xxx

    Great performance

  • Friberg

    hes giving me faith in hip hop again

  • Anonymous

    Dope, but there’s a HD link on the internet

    • Donn


  • Arch

    hes giving me faith in hip hop again

  • MrAfrika

    GKMC dropped Oct. 2012. Release some music already.

    • Hussle

      No rush. Its not like he got much competition. Nobody…and I mean NOBODY dropped something better since then

      • b r z a


      • MrAfrika

        Thats your opinion, definitely a classic album that I keep on replay. But he doesn’t have that big of a fanbase like a Jay Z or Nas too just completely disappear for more than a couple of years and then come back. Everything in between then and now has been a feature.

        • disqus_5cf9fQAd3l

          I’d rather him wait than put out some bullshit.
          Cuz if the 2nd album isn’t STELLAR then all people are gonna do is clown him

          • MrAfrika

            Oh well nigga, who gives a fuck what other people have to say. I’ve been a fan since Overly Dedicated and not everyone was feeling that. If I like the music then I LIKE the music. Im not on a hypetrain.

          • Dope

            You may not care as a true fan, but on the real side, music is business and most fans are hypetrain riders so he definitely needs to drop something soon, just so the masses don’t forget him.

          • Ryuk918

            ‘Who gives a fuck what other people have to say?’

            His label. People who sell albums, people who purchase albums. Dude talks like Kendrick is HIS personal artist. But yes, please continue and tell us how Kendrick should rush his sophomore album to his own detriment, just for you.

          • MrAfrika

            I think you need to finish completing that Hooked on Phonics kit cause no where did I say he should rush his 3rd studio album. I said release some music, drop a couple of songs that didn’t make the cut, Anything to stop the drought.

            Damn you stans get sensitive quick.

        • Alex Cooper

          If you actually follow him then you know he has dropped at least 6 tracks since then and jumped on countless features.

          • MrAfrika

            He’s been on nothing but features.

      • Starpoint feat Renee Diggs


      • Starpoint feat Renee Diggs

        A week ago it was still on the charts.


        have you NOT heard BORN SINNER?

    • travis

      good work takes time.. and he’s been on countless features since then. let it be.

  • GreenBergs

    so much new material…

  • el jim chapo guzman

    Lazy rapper Kendrick Lamar that nigga must of caught Writer’s block or something.

    • It’s just strategy and quality over quantity
      Hes going to go on a run sooner than later.

      • el jim chapo guzman

        He actually lost fan’s by staying off the cameras.

    • JINX


      • el jim chapo guzman

        Smh I disagree

  • Pete

    Come on Kendrick this performance was terrible good artist people need to stop making excuses this guy is getting overhyped he need to say fuck the pressure and get the ball rolling it’s time to backup the shit he was talking realshit

  • Yoyoramon

    I love Kendrick, I agree he doesn’t have to rush his sophomore album… But 2 years is quite some time now.. At least drop a few scraps off, I know he’s not the type pf artist to put anything out unless it’s perfect but other than the the die hard fans that have been listening to him since the EP.. He might lose a few waiting to much longer… I cant wait but definitely tired of seeing the same sets being performed after 2 years lol

  • Mylo

    2 years… Cool some if the best back n the day waited longer… But this album has to be fire

  • cmonhomiewemajor

    Q is waaaay better at performing live than Kendrick

  • Home Of Philly

    The hype is big on K.Dot… Since he dropped GKMC:

    1. J. Cole dropped 2 albums and 2 EP mixtapes
    2. Drake dropped two albums and enough free music to equal another album plus a mixtape.
    3. Wiz dropped 2 albums
    4. Eminem dropped one album and has his second since 2012 dropping later this year
    5. Meek Mill dropped an album at that same time and has a second album coming out in the Winter.

    Music is a business and in order to stay relevant as well as considered “A Legend” you have to be more consistent IN ORDER TO BUILD YOUR FAN BASE. If you disagree then just follow the careers of Nas and Jay-Z. Nas dropped every 2-3 years but Jay dropped nearly every year and those Hardcore Nas fans that remembers illmatic still around to cop I Am or Stillmatic while JAY RAN THE GAME AND IS ON HIS WAY TO BEING A BILLIONAIRE.

    If history repeats it’s self, Nas = K. Dot, and Jay-Z = Drake. Some will argue that K. Dot is better but the overall bodies of work wont match up in the end and neither will the accolades.


    @Mikey22: Nah man, the best one, by far, is the one on “Tonights Fun,com”…
    I’ve had dates every night and most of the girls are DTF right away!

  • realtalk82

    My One complaint about his performance of M.A.A.D City is…….HE DIDN’T BRING OUT MC EIHT IN LA?????? WTF?? I love Kdot but that would have been EPIC.