2 Chainz & ILOVEMAKONNEN Join Drake & Lil Wayne In Atlanta

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Rich As Fuck.

Drake and Lil Wayne’s tour stopped at the Aaron’s Amphitheatre last night and was joined by guests 2 Chainz and newcomer, ILOVEMAKONNEN. In other news, ILOVEMAKONNEN was just signed to Drake’s OVO Sound. Yep, his stock’s going up.


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  • weezy

    wayne’s world

  • Chronic

    I really think this is just an experiment by drake to see just how far an endorsement by him will go….cause that dude ilovecockinme or whatever his name is just straight up makes garbage music and really doesn’t have musical talent

    • Star

      applaud this hater.

      • Chronic

        So you’re telling me you feel the guys music? I’m not just hating for no reason. I checked out the guys music and he literally can’t sing and has horrible subject matter.

    • It’s Just Music

      drake will probably develop him.

      The guy has an original style. he is just rough around the edges. Tuesday is a hit. Drake has been watching the kid for a while so he clearly sees something in him.

      • Chronic

        Are you saying Tuesday is a hit because you actually like it…or just cause the views on youtube?

        • It’s Just Music

          No I like the song.
          Instead of hating why don’t you chase your dreams?
          Yes this Makonnen guy is weird, but he does have some good songs if you look for it.
          Why would Drake ruin everything he worked hard for by signing someone who doesn’t have it?
          Clearly Drake sees something in him.

  • DjEdmund DaGeneral

    Unsettled Thoughts
    #RealityMusic #EdmundDaGeneral #UnsettledThoughts

    ” #RealityMusic ….. I have my own genre”
    – Edmund DaGeneral


  • Hussle

    Shit….Drake might aswell sign me

  • The Rock says


  • TRU!

  • Dope

    How do they come up with stupid names like this.. it’s like he went on twitter, saw the first hashtag and said ”Dat go B my Namez”

    • Starpoint feat Renee Diggs


    • intelligentsoul

      but but but…Makonnen is his govt name though

      • Dope

        I know, and had he used it as his rap name as well it wouldn’t be strange at all. But this… not sure if narcissistic or what.. but it’s definitely stupid.